10 dishes of the world should be eaten with the hands

By Elsie Mendez @sabormexico

This article came to my mind after seeing a group of people originating in India in the section of fast food in a mall in Houston and it reminded me how difficult it was for me to try to eat with the same technique that they use (I will discuss this in my article Sadya, the art of eating with fingers ) to bring the food to the mouth during my trip to the south of India. And I thought, they are not the only one who eat with their hands, we in Mexico we have many dishes that we enjoyed as well, tacos is the best example, because the truth is that in order to eat one has to know well as get them to not spread out all the contents and the sauce is not for us to drain off up to the elbow. Many more I can mention only of Mexico, but let us make a list of some others that certainly know better grasping with the fingers.

Tacos, Mexico

Pastor, carnitas, or steak, it doesn’t matter that the tacos should be eaten with the hands. Have even posted charts and articles devoted to the technique that must be used so that the content does not come off and the sauce does not drip through our hands. With or without technique, this dish so emblematic of mexican cuisine is enjoyed with the hands, because to do so with covered, it’s ridiculous.

Bana Ganush, Turkey

A typical dish of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the Bana is a kind of creamy sauce that is done on the basis of the eggplant on the grill or in the oven made mashed. Is accompanied by pieces of pita bread so that you can eat with your hands easily.

Bao, China

These buns soft and fluffy usually they are steamed and filled with different ingredients such as: pork, beef or vegetables. The best way of eating is with hands, not with chopsticks, because when taken with the fingers is more easy to control that it does not come off the filler and disrupt.

Bruschetta, Italy

A delicious sandwich made with toasted bread, chopped tomato, garlic, basil and drizzled with olive oil, very popular all over the country and often with ingredients that are produced locally. A dish simple and delicious offering as entry into many international and local restaurants as input.

Bufalo Wings, United States

The chicken wings or Buffalo Wings are the food par excellence of USED to eat with the hands. As a snack or even as a main dish, these wings are fried and dipped in a spicy sauce, on the menu are the options for the level of spicy you want and there are restaurants that even put them to the test to diners by offering free meals if someone is able to eat them without fainting by the itching.

Coxinhas, Brazil

This sandwich is brazilian is made with a mixture of shredded chicken and cheese wrapped in dough to make small balls which are fried. What makes them special is that each one is molded in such a way that simulates a thigh of chicken, hence its name, since that is a word in Portuguese, means thighs. A dish very traditional in Brazil.

Dolmades, Greece

While in Mexico we find them in the shops and restaurants of arab food, this dish is one of the favorites of the greeks. It consists of grape leaves boiled (this helps remove the bitterness of the leaves) and then fill (the term derived originally from the Turkish dolmak: to be filled or stuffed) with rice, meat or vegetables, along with onion, spices and herbs such as dill, mint or parsley. In Greece sprinkled with lemon juice.

Falafel, Middle East

These balls crisps are made with chickpeas, ground or beans (sometimes both) with which to make a few balls, then deep-fried. The falafel are very popular in all over the world, but particularly in the Middle East, where they can be eaten as snack, snack food or main course, often are dipped in yogurt or sour cream. Accompany with pita bread, salad and dressings.

Gef├╝llte Eier, Germany

This dish is one of the favorites of the germans that they offer in their parties and meals. It consists of boiled eggs stuffed with anchovies, cheese and capers, although there are several versions.

Nigiri, Japan

No, do not eat with the chopsticks, or the sushi either, this is something that westerners do it, but both the chinese and the japanese eat many of their dishes with the hands, including the nigiri. In fact if you travel to Japan, will be frowned upon if they eat this and other dishes with the chopsticks instead of the hands. This variation of the sushi is a small rice ball topped with sauce, wasbi, and finished off with a seafood or raw fish.

The spoon was the first covered that he invented the man, and then came the fork and knife. The use of the cutlery took centuries to be used as tools for eating and take the food to the mouth. Until the Middle Ages, from the king down to the poor, ate with the hands.

So, you know, where they do what they shall see and enjoy rich dishes-and eating them with your hands.