28 restaurants in Mexico will celebrate the 4th edition of the Goût de/Good France

Goût de/Good France is the name given to the celebration that takes place in the restaurants of the 5 continents and in more than 150 countries in honor of the French gastronomy, on Wednesday, march 21 to the present, with a menu ” French” . For the 4th edition, we have added 3,300 restaurants of which 28 are located in Mexico.

With this event that happens on the same date around the world, demonstrates the great influence that has had, and continues to be the French cuisine in all corners of the planet, as well as the great affection that many chefs who are not of origin French, have for this kitchen which has trained many of them, no matter that in their restaurants today do not have the style of French cuisine.

Whence comes Goût de France

The idea of the “Goût de France”arises from the former minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius and of the chef Alain Ducasse, who wanted to reinvent the “dîners d Epicure” launched by Auguste Escoffier in 1912. The idea, then as now, is to celebrate French gastronomy, which figure in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Unesco, and the values that accompany it.

As in the previous two years, Mexico ranks among the 15 countries with the highest number of participating restaurants. To see the list of restaurants and their menus, consult the following site because participating restaurants across the country: http://restaurateurs.goodfrance.com/fr/restaurants-participants