5 ways to improve your breakfast and make it more healthy and wealthy

Oatmeal is one of the main favorites for the breakfast of thousands of people in the world. It is simple and delicious, and diverse enough to not become bored thank you to all the ways in which we can consume and the accompaniments that we can add. Now that, although the oatmeal is a great ally to our health and nutrition, to consume it can be affecting your benefits when you prepare it in the wrong way, so here are 5 ways to improve your breakfast to receive all of the virtues of oatmeal in the breakfast.

Preparation and servings for breakfast

Due to that people are aware of the great benefits of the oatmeal people abused in their consumption and not prepared properly. To properly prepare the oats consumed in the morning we must first cook and then serve us the amount that corresponds to the recommended serving. The first thing you must know is that for every cup of oatmeal you need to add two cups of liquid (water or milk depending on your preference). A cup of cooked oatmeal added with fruit and seeds is a portion appropriate for breakfast.

Excess sugar

There are many ingredients with which we sweeten our oatmeal: honey, brown sugar, chocolate chips, stevia. The problem is that even these sugars that are less aggressive with the health, can be bad when abused. If we add other elements such as cinnamon, cocoa powder or vanilla extract we’re going to have that sweet flavor without being sugary and you only need a small portion of honey, or the before mentioned.

Nuts and excess calories

Nuts can have around 8 times more calories than fresh fruit. So the recommendation is that instead of using nuts better add fresh or frozen fruit. In this way we’re adding fresh flavors, rich and in addition we will have more satiety with fewer calories.

Excess seeds.

Add components as the seeds provide protein and healthy fats to our oatmeal make our breakfast more nutritious. The subject are the quantities, because if we exceed we will be adding a greater amount of fats and calories per gram. While it is true that healthy fats help us to lose more weight or to stay, to eat too much of them can lead us out of the balance and the objectives. A single fist of seeds will be more than enough.

Oatmeal, instant with flavors

If your purpose is to keep the weight off or lose weight with the help of oatmeal, packets of instant oatmeal are not the option. This oatmeal is full of sugars and for nothing helps us when our goal or purpose is to care for the weight or the levels of sugar in the blood. The convenience of simply opening an envelope and to serve him is not an option in these cases. If for any reason you do not have time to cook your oats natural precooked, you can use the microwave in 5 minutes you will have your oatmeal ready.

The only fact of being a nutritious food and good for our health is not sufficient, combinations, portions and the way in which we acquire makes all the difference. That is why it is important to inform.

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