5th Cheese Festival in Tabasco, tradition without borders

As part of the activities, dining and tourism of the State of Tabasco, comes the fifth edition of the Cheese Festival “Tradition without borders”, which will be held from 25 to 27 August, having as headquarters the Convention Center of the municipality of Tenosique, the ideal place for the realization of this meeting.

The Cheese Festival will have the participation of over 100 exhibitors among which are cheese producers and artisans. In addition, during three days, attendees will stimulate your senses and live close to a great culinary richness, the couple enjoy various activities such as workshops, master classes, wine tastings, tastings of cheese, culinary competitions, agro-industrial and cultural, as well as a pavilion of artisan, who will be in charge of the Institute for the Promotion of the Crafts of Tabasco (IFAT).

This year, the Eden of Mexico will have Italy as guest country of honour, through Group Lactalis, one of the leading companies queseras of Europe, the owner of the marks, President and Parmalat.

Among the activities will be held the contest “The Best Artisan Cheese Tabasco” and will have 4 categories: cheese, pasta, ground beef, cheese, pasta course, cheese pore and cheese innovative. The first 4 places will receive a prize of 10 thousand pesos each and to the grand winner will be a final prize of 40 thousand pesos.

It is important to mention that these events are looking to attract tourism and promote the production of the region, and highlight the uniqueness of the development of artisanal cheeses and to uplift the effort and the competitiveness of producers; the basis for the development of the economy tabasqueña.

This year the Festival of the Cheese, Tabasco, with the support of the Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, will invest 6 million pesos, waiting to get to 35 thousand visitors and earning a trickle-down effect of around of more than 30 million pesos.

For the foreign visitors and inhabitants of the entity, Tenosique provides hospitality and many tourist attractions, such as The House of the Captain of the Box, another of the attractions is the archaeological site of Pomoná, a site that has a great importance due to its ruins and hieroglyphic inscriptions that have the development of the place, the rulers who lived and the activities that kept with the surrounding communities.

In the municipality also located in the Canyon of the Usumacinta near the border with Chiapas and Guatemala, where the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy a variety of trees such as zapote, chicozapote, ramon, canshan, and many more, in wildlife, is the paca, howler monkey, jaguar, snakes, parrots, among others.

The Eden of Mexico has a great deal of tourist attractions, diverse cuisine and a wide billboard of events for national and international visitors.

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