A birthday party on the theme “Beach Party” : the food, the deco, the dishes, and the rest

if you read me long, you know that I love organizing parties and that there is always a specific theme for the birthdays of the children. Fute time, I do you have not talking much, but I had shared some ideas and advice for the organization of the holidays (here) and on the anniversary carnival here (click) and here (click). I also organized a birthday “nail bar” for a party version of girl but from the photos shared on Instagram I still haven’t had the time to talk to you.

Anyway, I’m leaning on the anniversary of Elias some time ago and we had chosen a nice theme and summer : Beach Party.

The idea, without going so far as to bring back some sand and an artificial beach to the house, was especially to give a taste of the holidays with decor, cake, activities around this theme. And as always, I had a lot of fun for the party shopping and the “buffet” even if, in having organized the anniversary in 2 days finally, I have not been able to do exactly what I wanted.

In short, here are a few ideas to organize you also feasts on the theme of the beach.

  • The culinary preparations

Who says beach said sand castle ; it was therefore natural to opt for a cake in the shape of a sand castle. Mine has a sensation, and yet I have no merit, because I just got hold of the cake mold, a “sand castle” PERFECT for that in my official supplier for kitchen items : Lakeland (I think I’m going to ask for a commission, since the time that I speak to you). In addition to being a perfect sand castle, this mold has been extra for cooking : easy to unmold, with all the details well visible on the cake. It was enough to place in a dish, on a bed of brown sugar powder, add a few small decor maritime (sea stars, etc) and it has made its small effect. Of course, you can go up to the end of the theme, with these prints of shells to complete the deco but I am not gone far.


Ppur the 2nd cake, I was inspired by the “mare aux cochons” that we could see a little around me that eventually we could also make a beach in a simple way. A sponge cake later, I decided to cover the tower of the cake of butter cream and vanilla to stick the lady fingers (their colour and the sugar on top went well with the color of the sand), I covered half of the cake of this same cream before topping with brown sugar to represent the sand. I then coloured the rest of butter cream blue before you file in small ripples on the rest of the cake. I added 2 small beach towels made of almond paste under two small umbrellas cocktail paper to finalize everything. As I am not a cake designer, not a pro of the pastry and this cake was completed in 15 minutes watch in hand, it is far from perfect, but the idea pleases me well to other themes.


To play the card of the beach to the end, I had also fallen for these little silicone molds way beach bucket with small shovel to match. Again, thank you Lakeland, my official supplier of good ideas. I wanted to make small creams chocolates to have a color of sand or cupcakes with a frosting praline but the children preferred the chocolate creams. These small moulds are sold by lot of 4, are silicone and therefore goes in the oven, they are perfect for small cakes out of the tin even if the small shovels are not very practical as a bit too flexible (and therefore not practical for eating but perfect for the decoration).


To continue in the habits plagesques, I thought I’d offer ice cream but it into decisions is impossible to get out on the table in advance. So I kept the idea of the horns but I opted for cornets of cardboard that I filled out … red fruits, the favourite of Elias the king of the party. To hold them, I just showed the bracket, which I had already talked about here (click), dégôté also in Lakeland (yes I amortized the shipping costs, when I order from them). As for the little buckets, this support has a considerable advantage : it goes in the oven so we could very well imagine to fill cones at the glacier with a dough cake and bake in the oven for the cupcakes to a different style.



  • The dishes

Of course, My Sweet Shop requires, I have opted for full of Mason jars of various sizes for the bar to sweets, with candies chosen to go in the theme of the party. I have not had the time to make pretty labels so I made it simple but the idea is there : jars of sea shells (the roudoudous of our childhood), buoys, and enormous sharks with a little twine striped and a label on each jar.


For drinks, in addition to the distributor to the faucet, filled with water, and syrup of fresh mint and labelled “sea water” which created a sensation (talk about it soon on the Sweet Blog), I etrenné for the occasion of my cooler vintage, the one that you would need for a picnic on the sand , dégotée in a private sale from the collection of Jamie Oliver. Filled with small bottles of various beverages and négligement (the secret is in there) is laid at the foot of the table, the children have dug in throughout the party.


Paper napkins, cups, plates and wooden utensils have been selected in My Sweet Shop and customized to be in the theme of the party but I’ll talk to you very soon on the Sweet Blog.

  • The deco

I had chosen this theme for several months before so I had time to buy lots of small items of decor (which allowed me to put the feast on foot in a day)(also I have already chosen the next theme for the birthday of Adam, I am often influenced by what I see on my online shops of predilection). Of course, I had been full of lanterns and paper lanterns in My Sweet shop hung under the big umbrella, a wreath was also placed on the top of the sweet table :



In the shops of decoration, I had bought some metal plates in the theme, plates arranged here and there in the garden and on the terrace :


Finally a cute piñata in the shape of ice cream cone filled with sweets and confetti sat in the garden and an inflatable swimming pool was laid in the garden and filled with water which allowed the children to splash around a bit because it was very hot.

  • The gift of guests

I know it may seem “too much” but I love having small gifts for the guests at the birthday parties of children. When I find nothing inspiring, I am satisfied with the small things you eat but in general these are not ideas that are missing.

This time, there were several gifts. To welcome our little guests, so we had wreaths of flowers, a little fashionable hawaiian :


Finally, for the gift at the time of departure, we had planned for small bags full of small toys ranges : sunglasses (stuff for children, not expensive, huh), a beach ball to inflate, a small air-tight tube special beach to put his treasures (or the currency of the parent), a small duck that floats for the pool or the bath, a mini water gun, etc, in Short, full of small toys to dig in the markets or in the small bazaars, and to group them in small paper bags or in fabric (very basic).

  • Activities

Who said birthday with kids says activities to keep them busy … I have to admit that last year, we had improvised a fete in the garden with fishing line etc and it was perfect for them. This time, we have made it simple : small business diy where we made fish from plates in cardboard boxes (it’s easy, the kids loved it and my markers Sharpie necessary to mark the plates, a little waxed have suffered a little) and the famous game of the deserted islands easy to put in place of which I spoke to you already here.
Of course, the piñata and the pool quickly took up the baton after the snack.

That’s it for this birthday party. Of course there were other things on the table, and including a whole jar of windmills chocolate on peaks in wood, of the donuts to stay in the foods that we buy on the beach, etc, I will not fail to share with you other ideas design and small DIY made for the occasion especially for towels and wooden utensils.

Of course, a small cherry on the cake : have a look to circumstances for example with one of these tank-tops “Vamos to the playa”, “Bronzing,” or one of those beach dresses, all shoppé in French Disorder.

And with you, how do the birthday parties ?