A new year’s resolution to travel every month. 2nd Part

By: The Flavors of Mexico

Then, we go with the second part of our list. Remember that there is to be done for each month, a New Year’s resolution to travel all over the 2018. I already told in the article of the week the first 6. So it’s time to close, and aim for in your calendar that we have to do. Because travel itself is made for happiness.

7th. Purpose of New Year. A different book on each trip.

Don’t carry books when they travel. Buy books when they travel. So, each time you turn to see your bookcase, you’re going to see a piece of their memories and their journeys. To buy whatever. I, particularly, I buy cook books and I’m making a nice collection of flavors to travelers.

8th. Purpose of New Year. Camp out once.

This is a basic to do with your partner. Go camping somewhere. Climbing bag, tent, stove, a bottle of wine and food in the car and piérdanse in some forest, desert, sea or in their favorite destination to sleep in the peace of the remoteness of the city. My favorite place to do so, as of today, it is the Badlands in South Dakota, but they say that the Atacama Desert in Chile is brutal. To see if in 2018 we compare.

9th. Purpose of New Year. Ecotourism to the max.

And I’m not talking about going to the rapids or to the experiences of a zip-line that we now call “ecotourism” or “adventure tourism”, an expression highly diluted of reality. I mean diving in Cabo Pulmo, through a wildlife reserve in Africa or to go to the glaciers of the south pole. Ecotourism real. Why? Because when you see what is happening first-hand, will do everything for take care and preserve the planet. Nothing like seeing up close the beauty for wanting to protect her from everything.

10. Purpose of New Year. Let us rediscover the country and its magical places.

In an article of VenueReport I discovered a list of about 15 places basic in life that don’t cost a eye of face. And of those 15, 3 are in Mexico. How many places we’ve abandoned our country that are indescribably beautiful? The Caves of the hearts of Palm, for example, are on my list from the beginning of the year. Also applies to other countries, depends on where you read us. Rediscover the places of their country.

11. Purpose of New Year. A flea market.

Each time that I travel to other countries, try to find sales, garage sales, flea markets and small spaces where they have contact with the people. I recommend that you do this because then they are invaluable for anything in the price or curiosities that you treasure for years. I think I spent more flea markets this year than in shopping centers in my travels.

12. Purpose of New Year. Devote always a day to local artists.

In every place you go, look for the local artists. From artists to independent musicians, the artistic expression is the best way to discover the vibe of a destination. Through the eyes of those who see the world with the art, you can understand a lot of the places that you visit. Even when they have gone many times before, the art leads them to new spaces.