A new year’s resolution to travel every month. Part 1 of 2

By: The Flavors of Mexico and the World

Begins 2018. A year that is going to be a mess in many aspects. So it is better that we are dedicated to travel and to know new places to run out in case things here get complicated. And so, in the spirit of the first days of the year, we’re going to make a list. A Purpose of New Year Traveller to, as dictated by tradition, each month of the year. It is always good to set ourselves ambitious goals. Today the first 6.

1st. New year’s resolution: Not to pay sobreequipaje.

Obviously I’m not going to make a list of the places that I will go, because neither I have clear a lot part of my year. What we do is that we need to have bags to serve and able to withstand the weather and to bring them to the tingo al tango. Choose the one that most will like them but whatever, don’t let you bring a scale of travel.


2nd. New year’s resolution: Palate adventurer V. 2.0.

I learned to 2017. Not for the fact that I should do it, but because I had to travel on a couple of occasions with people as well. Forbidden to travel with dietary restrictions by choice. Allergies I understand, but do you travel and that you don’t like bacon or anything pork? Did you go to Peru and not eat seafood or fish? Then what were you? Therefore, the purpose of this year is to eat 10 things that we never tried before. Had a similar experience. Your taste buds and memory of taste is going to be thankful for.

3rd. New year’s resolution: to Travel on a whim.

Tuesday and have no joints in the week. And it turns out that are close to the airport. What if they rush to buy a ticket to where? When they arrive in the last moments of approach and there are places available, it comes out very cheap to do so almost always. Launch of Tuesday to Friday, and returning on the weekend to keep them happy.

4th. New year’s resolution: A roadtrip with your best friend

Hold onto the car and go to where they have not gone before (no, not a nod to Star Trek). Use the main airports, such as simple input and output ports, grab a car and go discover what there is around. In any country. And do it with your best friend, because that kind of memories are the ones that will remain forever. (here’s an idea, if you are interested)

5th. Purpose of new year. At least one photo a month of a new place.

To buy a camera. Going out of the house, at least, once every four weeks, to new places, to events, fairs, festivals, celebrations… Go to the colony together where they feast to which they have never been and take pictures, have fun. Buy an instant camera. Back to a photo album. Stay away from digital and, if they can’t, they print. To be filled with images that make them happy is a balm. Not only in the little screen of the cell-lives in our smile.

6th. Purpose of New Year. To protect the destinations they visit.

There are many ways to do this. Ecologically it is the most obvious. But if you are going to travel, think of not to use platforms such as AirBnB that is destroying the housing market in many countries and, in addition, breaking with the authenticity of the locals. Travelling, stay in hostels, hotels and let the local economy of where they are going to see globally benefited by the tourism.