A sensory journey through the heritage of the creation of Dom Pérignon

The Hellenic Cultural Centre was transformed to make us travel to France and take us back to the place where a nation brand Dom Pérignon : the Abbey of Hautvillers, where Benedictine Monk Dom Pierre Pérignon created this enigmatic drink, who is also considered the Spiritual Father of Champagne.

The idea of this presentation was to take us through the interior of the Abbey of Hautvillers, which continues to be the inspiration for the creation of Dom Pérignon; to discover and explore spaces and moments iconic, within the ritual for the creation of this iconic drink.


This sensory journey started in the fourth Rosé with a glass of the elegant Blanc Vintage 2009, after heading, of the hand of the winemaker, Vincent Chaperon, a tunnel to emulate in its interior a universe extraordinary drawing celestial bodies, while the winemaker explained the extraordinary history of this maison, the creation of its iconic vintages, and the vision that is at the time of processing.

The attendees cross the portal of time and descended by a stair which led us to the chapel of the Greek Cultural Center where the brand created a spectacular installation with the bottles of the Vintage 2009 on pedestals and on one side, imperial table waiting for us to continue with the celebration.

As they came in the dishes with the that would enjoy the different vintages that were presented that evening, Chaperon explained to us the plenitudes of Dom Pérignon, which are the processes of maturation of the wine in the bottle, which is not the same to aging, since these ripenings manage balances more intense. To make more clear the explanation we were served Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2 1998, a wine with more than 20 years that just came to market for your marketing, and that according to the winemaker, has so much to discover to be a unique wine.

I come to the table, the Dom Pérignon Rosé 2005, characterized by being sweet and fruity, while Vincent Chaperon continued explaining the creative process, oenological and sensory, and especially gave them to know the meaning of the Plenitudes, and the power of the time for Dom Pérignon.

At the end of this unique experience, Chaperone reminded us that to enjoy a good champagne is not necessary to happen something special, or that we have a celebration in particular to open a bottle, because the enjoyment of a Dom Pérignon is the very reason to open it and live a moment of happiness wrapped in fine bubbles.