A strawberry or a Royal as at Lenôtre, it is possible with Alsa

You dream to make a strawberry cake or a Royal worthy of a “Best worker of France” but do you think this is too difficult, too long, too complicated ? This post is for you !

Some time ago, I received a lovely invitation to go to achieve 2 beautiful cakes with Alsa, with Lenôtre. An invitation like that you do not refuse, and even less when it comes to the baroness de Rotschield in person (hihihi) !
It is, therefore, accompanied by Nawal that I went to meet the challenge proposed : make a strawberry cake and a Royal double chocolate in 2 times and 3 movements and better than that of the patissier on the corner.

You may be indeed not even cross in your supermarket but Alsa has just launched 2 kits super-simple to make these cakes at home, according to recipes of the maison Lenôtre :

Some of you may be skeptical about its products, but for having tested, I can only recommend them, with a big low for the strawberry cake. Chocolate lovers have even done a spell at the Trianon …

But let’s get back to our sheep : so it is a Friday morning a little damp as I headed into the Pavilion, Our, happy to find the Nawal of course, but also Bergeou, Veronica, Turtle, Brigit, and many others. We are going to face in pairs in a match of bloody greedy, to be carried out under the leadership of Fabrice Prochasson (chief executive at Lenôtre and MOF) these 2 cakes.

After a coffee, in the direction of the kitchens, wearing pretty aprons in the colors of our Local favorite (in fact, you remember my pretty box of Alsa that triggered the madness of boxes collectors ? I’ll talk to you soon). There, we were waiting for everything you need for the cakes but also (and especially) to decorate :

And there, in the right mood, in no time than it takes to write it, we made and decorated :

a STRAWBERRY : easy to make in 7 steps detailed at the back of the package, just by adding milk, liquid cream, powdered sugar and strawberries.

and a ROYAL double chocolate : recipe in 5 steps at the back of the package, adding milk, cream and sugar.

Once the 2 cakes made, we had fun to decorate them according to our desires, our inspiration, with all the products put at our disposal : beads, beads, transfers, chocolate, flowers cristalisées, etc

A jury composed of the chiefs present that day has selected the team that has made the 2 cakes the most successful … Nawal and me are arrivals “,” 2nd but well pleased anyway, especially after coming out of there with our achievements ! (it is thus that Nawal has made the strawberry her breakfast the next day).

One thing is for sure : these 2 kits will be regularly in my shopping cart because the result is stunning ! Besides, tomorrow I go buy a kit for a strawberry to enjoy the strawberry scented found at this time.

And you, you are tempted ?