Abigail Mendoza, Chef Of The Zapotec

Abigail Mendoza, the famous cook of the zapotec

By César Calderón

You are going to receive with a smile, like it or not. She and her sisters serve Tlamanalli, a small restaurant kitchen zapotec in Teotitlán del Valle, 35 km of Oaxaca. Your kitchen is gorgeous. A powerhouse of images that encapsulate the reading of which represents the cuisine of Mexico, colorful, neat, simple and at the same time hoarse, but with flavors unpublished for who arrives just in Oaxaca. They are beings happy, that when you do not cook, make rugs, and not disrupting your family or joke. Laugh all the time, that holds them together.

Abigail Mendoza and her sisters, but mainly her, has traveled more than you and me. By Europe and the united States, Asia. Always representing Mexico with their vestidotes bright and colorful, and her long hair braided and retrenzado. It has become a banner of mexicanness and traditions, cuisine, and values. Bourdain almost, almost included it as part of the scenery of the story about the mexican cuisine that speaks more of trafficking, such as to impart the taste of yellow so welcome to the gringos.

Abigail Mendoza, Chef Of The Zapotec

She began to cook at 12 years old. It is the third of 10 brothers and sisters, and the eldest of the women. Her father motivated her to open the restaurant to make it the only site which offers cuisine of the zapotec authentic. “With recipes that are passed from parents to children,” she says. And we presumed that in Oaxaca there are 7 moles, and your dishes require a point of preparation at the time. “Yes, because the flavor is unique, because this is a cuisine with a lot of preparation and if it is eaten then there are flavors that these oils and no longer know the same.”

The food of the zapotec is defined in moles, tamales, yellow. The mole amarillo and the soup segueza or soup chepiles, are typical of Teotitlan. Abigail opened the restaurant from 1 to 5. Nothing more. And when you arrive, you are sure to spot one of his sisters grinding corn to knee, with the metate. And it is better to take time because the kitchen takes time, and you warn him. So there is no another more than empinar the elbow with the mezcal and live a Mexico you don’t know, its time.

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Restaurant Tamalli
Address: Avenida Juarez 39, Center, 70420 Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca.

Phone:01 951 524 4006