Amlou, spreadable paste with Argan oil

A few days ago, I republished an “old” post on Argan oil, a ticket that is dated more than 2 years but which still provokes comment.

This ticket is visibly still in the air, there are always people who make the Argan oil and people who seek to buy ...
For my part, the point of discussion, the mercantile about this oil since my parents came to each of their journeys to Morocco and I am sure the quality of what they report since it’s made by friends to them.

The last time I had it, I wanted to try to make theamlou, the famous chocolate spread very often served to accompany the bread. The recipe tested is taken from my book favourite of the moment “The true taste of Morocco”, a book I’ve already talked about it a little.

For this recipe you will need :

– 250g of blanched almonds
– 100g of honey
– 500ml of Argan oil

Grill/brown the almonds to the dry and mix very finely until you obtain a smooth paste. Add the honey, mix well before incorporating the Argan oil little by little. Mix well. We obtain a dough slightly liquid, it is battery coat the constitence that must have the amlou. It is ready !

The amlou is a great tonic to consume at breakfast or as a snack. Yum !