Aspen ready for the celebrations for December

The celebrations of December are just around the corner and this is the opportunity to spend a white Christmas in Aspen, with sleighs, pine trees, christmas carols and of course the adrenaline of skiing in the mountains.

The season of celebrations start of the December 4, when you turn on the tree House Sardy (32nd Annual Sardy House Christmas Tree Lighting), that day’s give away biscuits and chocolates and it is not necessary to pay to witness the event. And, of course, will also be present to Santa Claus. The house is a jewel of the city, from victorian architecture is located at 128 East Main Street—at the corner of Main and Aspen Street—. It was built in 1890 by John W. Atkinson, one of the pioneers of Aspen, who also served as sheriff.

Snow sculptures in the AAM

The british artist Gary Hume has made an installation of a snowman three meters high “in Front of a Snowman” that transcends the seasons from fall to spring in the outer part of the Aspen Art Museum Commons (AAM). This is an iconic subject of the artist that is presented between a representation and an abstraction. The exhibition will remain until 17 may 2017.

More information at: https://www.aspenartmuseum.org/exhibitions/111-gary-hume-front-of-a-snowman

Live magic of the holiday season with the Ballet of the Casca Nuts

An event for the whole family that invites you to live the spirit of the festivities. Ballet, flamenco, chinese dance with swords and aerial dance, with more than 60 dancers, actors and circus artists.

Ideal for children of all ages and for lovers of the performing arts, will be presented to the Casca Nuts with the Ballet of Santa Fe in two dates: December 10 and 11. Two functions each day, Saturday 2pm and 7:30pm and Sunday 1pm and 5pm.

Will be held at the Aspen District Theatre. The reserves of the tickets is $25 to $94.

More information:


Nights of astronomy with ACES

The Aspen Center of Environmental Studies invites you to spend an evening at Hallam Lake to observe and learn more about the sky and their constellations. Each night will have a class of 15 minutes, imparting a basic knowledge of astronomy and the life cycle of stars, the why of the showers of stars, what planets are visible and the moon phases. After this mini-class will come outside to observe the stars and contemplate the phenomenon of the night sky of the mountain offers

The capacity is for 50 people. It is necessary to reserve your place for the nights of 12 and 26 December. Starts at 7pm.

  • On the 12th of December, the theme will be the constellations of the Zodiac. If that night is clear you will be able to see a meteor shower.
  • On the 26th of December, the theme will be in addition to the Zodiac, the solstice and the equinox.

Address: Hallam Lake, 100 Puppy Smith Street

Cost: $5 Non Members

More information: https://www.aspennature.org/learn/events

Contact: [email protected]

The 12 days of Aspen

During the festivities, from 20 to 31 December, Aspen is transformed into a true “winter wonderland.” The center of the city is full of life with activities such as ice skating free, christmas carols, the presence of Santa Claus, craft workshops for the creation of gifts, storytelling, exchanges of cookies and many other activities (some have cost).

The full schedule:


Campfires and s’mores New Year

Before witnessing the fabulous fireworks there is an activity for the whole family on Buttermilk (one of the four mountains of Aspen). All are invited to Bumps that will be a feast for the whole family from 5:30 to 10pm with tubing (sliding down the mountain in a tire inflatable giant) Panda Peak, campfire where each child can prepare a s’more (consists of a marshmallow toasted and a layer of Hershey’s chocolate between two pieces of Graham cracker). There is the option of dining à la carte and to adults to ask for a drink from the bar.

More activities for children in: www.VIKSnowmass.com

 Fireworks on New Year’s

On the 31st of December in Aspen Mountain will drop down a rain of fireworks, at two different times one at 8pm and another 12am to mark the start of the year.

More information at: www.aspensnowmass.com