Bodega Cuatro Rayas, white wines of spain, of great quality in Mexico

By Elsie Mendez @sabormexico

Nothing gives me more joy that to see every day more and more wineries presenting their wines whites in our country. With this beautiful weather that we have and the kind of food white wines tend to be, along with the rosés, the best companions, so many of the dishes that distinguish our cuisine. So when it comes to me an invitation to visit a winery as Four Stripes that what we presumed to be sos and white wines are of the best Spanish wines in Mexico, I do not doubt for a moment to go get to know them and be able to share my opinions and experiences with them for you to also enjoy.

The growth of the consumption of white wine in Mexico has grown significantly, and now not only take the women, the men who say and are presumed to be as knowledgeable of wine, have left behind such a ridiculous stigma that the white wine was a gender issue and that like the pink, I had less quality than the red, the white wine is getting a well-deserved recognition in the market day by day. We’re getting better and that gives me much pleasure because drinking wine is healthier than other beverages with higher percentage of alcohol and sugar.

Returning to the subject of Four Stripes, this winery was founded in 1935 and has as a winemaker main Angel Calleja, who was part of the first generation of winemakers of the School Vine Madrid , and currently one of the most prestigious winemakers, not only in the area where is located the cellar, if not at the national level. Part of the Tasting panels of the Regulatory Boards of Rueda, Toro and Cigales, as well as the jury award Tendril and Bunch. This is important to know since you can’t expect less from someone so prepared and recognized in his own land.

Bodega Cuatro Rayas is located in full cradle of the Verdejo, Dry, Valladolid, Spain, and belongs to the Rueda Denomination of Origin. Currently the bodega Cuatro Rayas is the largest winery in the DO, and is the one who produces almost 20% of the wine that is produced in the same with more than 15 million bottles a year. Its wines, made mainly from the Verdejo variety, are leaders in the market of consumption of white wines in Spain and are of great influence in international markets, having presence in more than 50 countries such as: Japan, China, Usa, Germany, Uk, Netherlands and Mexico.

Three were the wines that we had the chance of tasting in the company of Sergio Fiorentini, Winemaker and Export Manager of the Winery. Four Stripes 2015, Four Stripes Forty Vintages 2015 and Cuatro Rayas Centennial Vineyards 2015 On Lees. On this occasion, I will speak of the two that caused me to print.

Four Stripes Forty Vintages

In 2015 was presented for the first time Four Stripes Forty Years, which was born as a tribute to all the work that the winemaker Angel Calleja has dedicated himself to the wine cellar for more than four decades. The vineyards from which the grapes to make this wine are 40 years of age, the same Angel takes in the winery, with a minimum of five months on lees. This fresh wine made 100% with grapes verdejo is left to drink very well, and as we explained Sergio, it is a wine in which the winemaker, Angel Calleja wanted to express his passion for the world of wine and Wheel.

Cuatro Rayas Centennial Vineyards

This wine can be described as the jewel in the crown which was launched to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Winery’s Four Stripes. For the elaboration of this wine the winemaker, Angel Calleja decided to use only grapes that come from vines the oldest of the winery which have more than 100 years of life, even some prefiloxéricas. With a job that combined tradition, passion, in addition to a wine-traditional and making the most of modernity to achieve a wine that reflects the spirit, personality and above all lead by example and faith of the great quality of the wines of Rueda.

For the harvest and vinification of this wine, Angel uses traditional methods, which give elegance and balance to the grapes verdejo.

This wine is a small production and unique, which pays tribute to those 75 years of the Winery’s Four Stripes. A wine franc, an aromatic and lush and very tasty in the mouth.