Cantina Palace gives home to their festivals with delicious Menu of Lent

By Elsie Mendez

The Cantina Palace has given start to the Festival Mexican Cuisine that will be presented month by month with a Menu of Lent prepared by the very dear and talented chef Betty Vazquez, who brought from his native Nayarit the Taste of the Sea in each one of their exquisite dishes.

The department stores Palacio de Hierro have done a major renovation to your area gourmet, and The Cantina Palace is converted in to its banner, to display and share the best of Mexico to have gastronomic level through festivals to be attended by chefs and cooks from all corners of the country to show the culinary traditions of each of the states to which they belong, so that this pint for long. For this year are already confirmed the first ten that will be presented in 2018.

To start the project and become a sponsor of these festivals, Mexican Dining, the company that will take care of the selection and development of these projects, I invite you to Chef Betty Vazquez to be the first to open mouth and bring to the city of Mexico the kitchen nayarita, that right now is perfect because many are accustomed to follow the traditions of the lent eating dishes with fish and seafood during the month of march, and April for the easter week.

Shrimp, favorites menu of lent

Chef Betty has been the spokesman of the cuisine of Nayarit from several years ago, with the aim that many more are aware of the culinary richness of this state which not only has an amazing coastline and supplier of exquisite fruits of the sea, it is also possessor of vast plains, mountain ranges, of products that were left behind in their kitchens through history and time, thanks to all those riches that the naos of China brought to the new continent and that came from Nayarit to then travel inland.

“The classic flavors with a contemporary vision,” explains the chef Betty Vazquez, the dishes that make up this Menu of Lent with a Taste of the Sea, because the purpose is that we can enjoy these dishes that are so common on the tables of the nayaritas, with a touch more modern. Example of this is the shrimp ceviche, which, contrary to what we are accustomed to in the city of Mexico, is presented with dried shrimp, very traditional in Nayarit, and that the chef prepares with an orange juice which rehydrates the shrimp, chile, carrot, shredded, parsley and white onion, and to accompany the ceviche, a typical toast scraped.

Another favorite are the shrimp with chile guajillo with mashed plantains that we are stealing the heart and made us chuparnos the fingers.

Also present was the octopus in a warm salad with potato purée, scented with saffron and mustard, or the safety pin stuffed Chili with fish and seafood which can not miss on the tables of Nayarit during lent. Another dish not common in the city of Mexico is the white fish smoked with a mirror of pork-seasoned beans and fish sauce, very light, that represents the kitchens of smoke that have been part of the traditions in Mexico. The smoking is done with a technique that the chef Betty used so that you can prepare in a restaurant is The Cantina Palace.

As for dessert, a coconut flan with caramel sauce and ice cream cheese cotija to give the sweet touch at the end of this menu.

To enjoy this festival and the Menu Lent a Taste of the Sea, to visit The Cantina, Palace of the stores Palacio de Hierro in Polanco, periférico sur and Sta Fe in Mexico city from 1 to 31 march 2018.

Check out our video with the interview with the chef and the exclusive that gave us Mexican Dining on the new space there will be inside the Gourmet section of Palacio de Hierro.

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