Carmela and Salt, imaginative cuisine and creative chef Gaby Ruiz.

By Elsie Mendez

The restaurant Carmela and Salt from chef Gaby Ruiz comes to the city of Mexico to delight our palates with the ingredients tabasqueños that the talented Gaby, transformed into sublime dishes of their authorship, and ability to transport us to the eden where she was born.

Carmela and Sal is a place where imagination and creativity play an important role, as it is with those two elements, that Gaby will be developing the recipes of the dishes that compose the menu of this space, which transports us to his native Tabasco.

Let’s start with the name of the place, because one would think that so they called your grandmother or your mom or some close relative of Gaby or of their partners, but not, it turns out that Carmela is a character that was born before the need to vent in letters to the restless mind of Gaby creates to tell stories that combines the fairy tales girl listened to his father, who was a great storyteller, and she is going to develop as you walk around the towns and corners of this state immensely rich in flora and fauna, or even the premises, they are capable of knowing at all thanks to the fertile soil and lush climate able to keep surprising every day with a new plant, a new species that had no idea that existed.

Carmela is so called – tells Gaby while we, as her small, even parpadeamos to not lose details – “Because your mother starts to feel labor pains in the middle of the cacaotal, that you had to cross to reach his home in the middle of the jungle, and no means of giving assistance, gives birth to a beautiful baby girl with white skin and with perfume of cocoa permeated up in the hair, for being born there, in Comalcalco, where is grown the cocoa carmel that is the variety native to Tabasco, and that has won international awards for its extraordinary quality and aromas so exotic that it alone possesses.” Hence the name Carmela, that even before opening in the city of Mexico, it was his secret, his little girl of people that he feared were “engentara”, but there were people who convinced her and finally relented to share it with all.

And what about the salt? Well tells Gaby that the salt is what gives the flavor to the food, that ingredient without which a human being can die, and that it is essential for life. The salt is what manages to give the seasoning perfect to your dishes, with which travels to all sides to make people happy.

When they began the project, Gaby and their partners thought that one of the most important points of the place was that it had the ability to combine the green that distinguishes Tabasco, and the grey that covers the streets and buildings of the City of Mexico. So as to enter the interior of Carmela and Sal woods surround us, while natural light filters through between the pillars that cover the huge glass exterior which resemble the trunks of those huge trees that live in the jungle tabasqueña, while the foliage of the plants hanging to give even more the sense serena that causes it to be in the middle of the nature.

Define the cuisine of Gaby is simple, is it, that has been developed while meeting those fruits, vegetables, and different types of proteins that have crossed your path when it goes over Tabasco. It is a combination of natural talent to turn a coconut into something that looks and is able to fool the mind, making it believe that it is a protein, or a salad with jicamas with grape and pesto that at first glance looks like more of a paste. The menu of Carmela and Salt is composed of dishes with which the chef Gabriela Ruiz wants us to tell a story of your life, of flavours, aromas and dishes with which he grew up and who now interprets its shape by adding a pinch of salt.

To accompany these delicacies, the restaurant Carmela and Sal has one of the cellars most beautiful in the city of Mexico, the design is simply spectacular and one can find from tags and options for those who are not as knowledgeable, up to wines recognized worldwide, and that will be to the liking of experts in the field. But that is not all in regards to drinks, to the theme of the cocktail, Gaby and his partners hired experts mixólogos of belgian origin Jan and Noa Van Ongevalle, father and daughter are recognized for their innovative drinks that happen to be all a visual experience and gustativamente.

From the chef’s table, one admires two things: the kitchen of Carmela and Salt in motion and at full steam, and a beautiful fixture that is formed by the memory of Gaby between those who hang a book, a typewriter, a trumpet, a guitar, and other elements that have been part of your life. A beautiful and sentimental composition that allows us to get to know her more closely.

Gaby says that she wants to make happy those who visit Carmela and Salt, and just as his father did with her, go out and tell stories of their food, their dishes, for people to see the beauty behind those aromas and flavors that make up your kitchen.

Carmela and Sal is located in the street of Pedregal 24, Lomas Virreyes, mexico City, Mexico.Phone: 55 7600 1280.

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