Casa Madero, celebrating 420 years of winemaking tradition in Mexico

By Elsie Mendez @sabormexico

The history of Mexico is rich and fascinating, especially when one accesses the actual stories, and not to put us in the textbooks with the desire to be filled with heroes who in reality were not. This comes up because we went to a party and we had the honor of being invited to the celebration of the 420 anniversary of the Winery Casa Madero, the first in Latin America (with the discussions) and the oldest producing wine and distilled continuously since its establishment in 1597. (With “no interruption” is just the debate).

Daniel and Brandon Milmo, fifth generation in charge to continue with the tradition at the front of Casa Madero, shared with all the guests of the bliss and joy of celebrating this anniversary is about each day over half a century, that writes easy, but it represents a long path of effort, struggle, and dedication in an industry that has not had it easy all these years, full of wars, devaluations, economies are broken, and with a population in which the culture of wine has not been the strongest. And here are and continue to be, coming out victorious and making a growth that shows and confirms that the tenacity and effort, they have their reward.

The simplicity of these two brothers is what makes great people, and very, very loved by professionals of the wine industry and restaurant, sommeliers, academics and winemakers; also experts, journalists, fans, and of course, by personal friends who are lucky enough to be.

Casa Madero threw the house out the window with this feast that lasted two days in which the guests were entertained with beautiful landscapes, spaces, divinely assembled and decorated inside and outside the Hacienda San Lorenzo, and, of course, with their exquisite wines and delicious food, making it clear that this celebration was of all and for all.

Your gratitude towards those who supported it saw and felt from arrival to departure from this short, but full of happiness, travel.

Take mexican wine is optional, and there will be those who continue to prefer wines from other corners of the planet, and it is worth; but what we cannot do is stop supporting honest businesses, who strive truly to do things the best way and to offer a high-quality product, and that is the case of Casa Madero, because no matter what that preference may have – white, pink, red – this winery has a wine that is suited to your tastes and preferences, and deserves that we should feel proud to have some of their bottles at home.

It is important to love, appreciate and respect the history and those things that give us identity as a country, care for them, respect them and be proud of them, and I assure you Casa Madero form part of that acquis.

Here I share photos and the first of three wines come on the market in these weeks: Casa Grande Gran Reserva Chardonnay, Casa Grande Gran Reserva Malbec and Casa Grande Gran Reserva 3V ( with some Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah) chulada of wine this last. If you see find them because there are few boxes.