Delicious gifts : pancake mix In the series of delicious gifts, inspired by all that you offer, I started last week. After a few boxes of cakes offered, salts scented (a next post), I opted for a “kit of pancakes” to offer in a pretty jar, found in the book “Nigella Express”. For a


The cake apples and oatmeal breakfast – Battle Food #12 It’s been months that I look at the blogs to participate in the Battle Food but I’ve never attended (I would have been able to the theme of “Cake in a jar” with my jars of lemon meringue but I don’t know, it was too early or too late. In


Yogurt maker “vintage” In the past few months, the yogurts are all the rage on the blogs and I have a mad urge to buy me a yogurt maker when I see the wonders that it can do. During the last balances, a yogurt maker Severin has made its appearance in the shelves of my Monop at a very interesting


Small puffs windmill Last week, for the taste of children, we have improvised some small pastries in the shape of a windmill, topped with nutella. The photo on instagram was clearly enjoyed and you were several to ask me a little tutorial to achieve it. I take what I can again put pictures on


The chocolate cake-pear ultra easy and ultra fast At the request of Vero, and because I mocked the whole world yesterday with this cake, I dêpeche to give you the recipe, made during a workshop Tupp at a friend’s house.What makes the most of this cake, it is his preparation and cooking


Effective system I am not in a phase system (and it is even rather rare for me), I just found this cartoon amusing