Effective system I am not in a phase system (and it is even rather rare for me), I just found this cartoon amusing


Custard to the eggs super easy (the Cookeo) Since a few weeks I am the happy owner of a Cookeo and I have to admit it to me simplifies life when I lack time, and all without having to make a crisis of jealousy with her neighbor on the work plan and Companion. The cookeo is a multicuiseur


Dessert peaches-pears Because it is not only the patisseries-orientales, here is the cake made for the birthday of Elias, that I will often decline during this month of Ramadan. When it is hot and heavy, I prefer to indeed finish the meal with a good dessert fresh rather than cakes full of


Tutorial for folding the sheet of bricks in a triangle Following a “discussion” on Instagram (yes, after Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is the last place where we chat and swap) on the beautiful samosas made by Eamimi, I proposed to Krolus a small tutorial to form triangles with phyllo pastry.


Preserved lemons moroccan style At the request of several persons (Pimpim), here’s the recipe for preserved lemons, lemons that I used in the recipe for lamb Tagine with peas and preserved lemons. Then you need to : – 1 kg of lemons (not treated, preferably)– 200g of salt We


The tagine of the day : chicken and vegetables The tagine is a classic dish, cooked almost every day in Morocco. Necessarily, there are lots of varieties of tajine and beyond those to meat, fish or vegetarian, there are also tagines holidays (we cook to receive, for a special occasion, etc) and