The cake that I don’t know how to call … During my insomnia, I spend hours and hours on Pinterest, I have a half a billion boards on which I pin frantically everything that makes me crack and that fact that I can never get back to sleep. Of course, I do tests ever a tenth of the recipes that I


Jelly (jell-o) strawberry, as in England If we spent a little time in England, it was necessarily a memory of this jelly shaky served in the family home. It was spurement color (green or red), on the move has necessarily had a movement of recoil unexplained (in fact, it was just thought that


The indispensable utensil ! Yes I know, you already said “damn still a gadget”. And this is where you are wrong. This is not a gadget. It is THE indispensable utensil in the kitchen to do things properly and in a way almost pro ! There you are wondering of what I speak. And much of the


Muffins or cupcakes chocolate Each year, my son Elias, at the approach of Halloween, wonder if this year we will have a house “terrifying”. He loves the word and for this party (like it or not, there is not the question), he always comes out and had said the first time, “we will put the house


Special end of Ramadan : harcha (wafer to fine semolina) The month of Ramadan comes to an end, and this year I cooked few things the “typical” opting in week for of dishes quickly prepared. Also when the weekend arrives, I try to give pleasure to Mr. in making the dishes that he loves, the


Small chocolate creams in 2 time, 3 movements and 1 Companion I love the tea parties with girlfriends. I in fact regularly at home and each time it is an opportunity to draw up a nice table, to prepare, full of good things and have a good time. The last tasting takes place Saturday and for the


Amlou, spreadable paste with Argan oil A few days ago, I republished an “old” post on Argan oil, a ticket that is dated more than 2 years but which still provokes comment. This ticket is visibly still in the air, there are always people who make the Argan oil and people who seek to buy ..


Want to cook with Abdel Alaoui and his pressure cooker ? The last time I told you about my culinary workshop with Abdel Alaoui, everyone said, “ohhhh the channnnce” ! AND well, here, you also will be able to cook with him if you’re in the area (Paris or paris region). Indeed, on the 27th of