Want to cook with Abdel Alaoui and his pressure cooker ? The last time I told you about my culinary workshop with Abdel Alaoui, everyone said, “ohhhh the channnnce” ! AND well, here, you also will be able to cook with him if you’re in the area (Paris or paris region). Indeed, on the 27th of


Chicken drumsticks golden brown, fragrant and easy-to-Actifry It’s been several times that I speak to you of the Actifry but it must be said that I had a coup de coeur for this device. Until now I had never before been attempted, in spite of the pubs, the friends that I spoke and I could


Bricks chicken and lemon confit A classic that I’ve been doing for years at home maisque I had been a little neglected lately. For the workshop Maggi, I stood and accented with Kub Gold. I believe that everyone has loved. The recipe is located here (click). **** I would like to


Gratin potato, Boursin Cuisine In the winter, I cook a lot potato. Easy to prepare, it appeals to children in all its forms, on condition that he does not have too much “superfluous” in the recipe. Like all children, they are reluctant for the time to eat if there are herbs, spices or something


The cake rolled giraffe Nutella which was unanimously ! This weekend, I have not stopped cooking. It seems that I cook more since my periostitis prevents me to go for a run. This is my side overactive : it is a bit quiet at work, I can no longer run so I compensate by doing other things in the


Buddha bowl fast In my approach to cooking the contents of my cupboards, my fridge, or to recycle the leftovers, I fell head first into the trend of the Buddha Bowl since already a few months. After all this dish all-in-one that brings together plenty of different ingredients in a single


Falafels ultra easy, way Jamie Oliver The social networks that is wrong, as long as you follow a few gourmand(e)s on Instagram : we spend our time wanting to eat what we see or have the urge to go and buy a what to do what you are seeing. This is because I have seen in my thread Instagram the


Drink yogurts, home-made During the last months of 2016, I’m still more turned towards the house in the interests of economy, by drawing regularly in the contents of my freezer and my cupboards, finding new ways to cook leftovers, “dapper” a few of my recipes usual to give them an air of