Colorado. So many places that we will not and we should go.

By: Carlos Dragonné

Colorado is one of the best states of the American Union, and to nobody is a secret that is in the first place of options to to move. But my love affair with the state began traveling, discovering these spaces, grabbing a car and driving down your roads to get to the historic towns, state parks, national monuments. Welcome to a list of why we need to travel more by Colorado.

Lover of roadtrips, as you perfectly know by several articles that we have written, this is one of the first points to favor to travel through Colorado. Because we have to understand that there is too much to do, not just coming to ski in the season -although right now I’m going to give you several ideas to get away from Vail and Aspen – and that just grabbing a car can be a long to-do list for the so-called bucket list.


For a start, how about a tour of the ghost towns? Waste of what was once the conquest of the west, and the mining rush of the gold of the XIX century, these places are witness of those who traversed across the country to look for opportunity and the american dream just when it was. St. Elmo, Vicksburg, Winfield, Pitkin, Uptop and Nevadaville, for example, are points on the map of american history that it is worth exploring.

I told them that not only ski man live, but if you want to debatirme that point, I’ve got an interesting topic to go down the mountain without staying indebted for the year. Fly to Denver, as a recommendation for the secret, in winter is when it experiences its low season, are looking for a hotel in the city and choose a ski-resort nearby. You can climb to the train early from Union Station and to make the weekend or even a day of skiing and return in the afternoon to Denver. The train leaves at 7 and returns at 6:40 in Denver.

Already deep in adventure tourism, it is good to remember while staying in Telluride for the Film Festival, I ended up going to Bridal Veil Falls. Or also that roadtrip that took me through the western Colorado ending in Grand Junction and, of course, the Colorado National Monument.

For the lover of the outdoors, this is a destination that offers many ideas. The Large sand Dunes, for example, or the Back canyon of the Gunnison are part of a catalog far larger state and national parks that you can visit to appreciate the natural beauty of a unique location. It is, without doubt, one of my favorite destinations to take the camera, sit down, wait for the right light and shoot. Because the chances of returning home with a good photo are many.

Yes… if you are going to lean to ski or to go walking in the mountain and climbing, or adventure tourism, it is also worth to know where are the best hot springs in the state. And it is here where they fall Glenwood Springs, Ouray and Nathrop as the places to hot springs and rest completely therapeutic, in addition to good food, local beer and shopping.

But best of Colorado, without doubt, is the people who there live. There is No other destination in the united States in which I feel more at ease, almost at home. The cuisine is growing in an incredible way -because here we tell you several things – and the major cities are understanding that diversity and the art build societies full.

Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and Fort Collins are just four of the cities that you conquer as you walk. Go, to Castle Rock, a small town about 30 minutes from Denver where I could, easily, buy a house, take my computer and move.

But what strikes me most is that we do not know what that is so close and so handy for us as travelers to mexico. Because in Denver we have become a sort of hub to travel to other sides, but we will always be the same. Why is it that gives us laziness to find out all that you can do starting in the same city but ending in many other places?

And that I am not telling in detail about the places in Colorado that I fall in love. I have already written about them. But, I insist, lover of roadtrips, and going out to the mountains, Colorado has everything that I like when I travel. And yes… it also has everything that I like to live. So, who knows? Maybe soon when traveling to Colorado until I can give them asylum in a small house in Boulder in which, as they say, “ya me vi”.