Declared August 17 as “National Day of the Bees”

From this 2017, the Chamber of Senators, declared on the 17 of August of each year, as the “National Day of the Bees”, to the end that acknowledges and values the importance of environmental, social and economic that these insects provide to us.

In Mexico, the apiculture has a great socio-economic importance and ecological, as it is one of the main livestock activities generating foreign exchange. In our country engaged in beekeeping for almost 43 thousand farmers.

The beekeeping is an agricultural activity aimed to the breeding of bees, and provide them with the necessary care with the object of obtaining the products that are able to develop and collect the bees to bring them to market.

Bees are fundamental for the equilibrium of the environment, since thanks to them the plants can enrich (cross-pollination), which increases the yield in the agricultural crops and make possible the production of foods as honey, pollen and royal jelly.

Given the importance of bees, the SAGARPA supports the beekeeping sector with the Promotion Programme Livestock in their Capitalisation components of Productive Livestock; Comprehensive Strategies for the Productive Chain and the PROGAN Productive.

In the same sense there is the National Programme for the control of the Honeybee in Africa, which provides technical supervision, specialized, technology transfer, bee producers, and technicians for the integral management of the hive.

Among the many contributions of the bees to the mexican economy, in addition to production of honey in the that Mexico occupies the seventh place on a global scale, highlights the third place of Mexico in the export of honey to the European Union.

In the framework of this celebration, the SAGARPA presents an Exhibition Apiary consisting of 12 photographs about the importance of bees, as well as the production of food and products made with honey. The sample is located in the station “Race” in Line 3 of the Collective System and Metro will be open to the public until next September 30.

To celebrate the #DíaNacionaldelasAbejas” we want to share with you three delicious recipes and very easy to make and enjoy the delicacy that the bees give us day by day.

Recipe chicken Wings Glazed with Honey and Soy Kikkoman

Recipe Hot cakes of oats, coconut and honey