Typical dishes for the Holidays

Do you already have what you are going to eat the 15 of September? The reality is that one of the things that most define us as a society is our food. And I mean on a global level. The easiest way to identify a culture is through its food. If we add to that the celebrations, we have the best way to know a country the best place to do it: on the table. What do they eat you in the Fiestas Patrias?

The classics of Fiestas Patrias.

Of course, the Pozole. What is the best? Oops, there we would be in a debate huge. I’m a fan of two in particular. The Pozole from Jalisco is one of my favorites. However, to avoid lawsuits on the table, each year we serve also the Pozole-style Warrior who prepares my mother-in-law, because if something does well my mother-in-law is cooking. Just follow the recipes and you will see that you will also have difficulty in deciding which they like more.

As to Toast, make the Toast Tapatia that were published in the book The Senators Tend to Cook and that are a variation of the above-mentioned.

Since we are on the subject of the toast, as it never hurts to prepare a Chicken Tinga to close the topic with a good cream ranch sauce with habanero, onion cured in lime and a bit of cheese cotija.

If you want something more exotic, the past year I served with a lot of success a few Tacos from Jamaica and the Guacamole that it ended -I’m not kidding – before I could get out of the kitchen to try some.

For the most blown away, of course you can get to the kitchen to prepare some nacionalísimos Chiles en Nogada. With the recipe of Liz Galicia I went as it is supposed to exit. Obviously I became a little addicted to prepare them each season.

And a “¡Viva Mexico!” can’t be complete without a few Tamales. So that they can meet each other, the idea is to make a few tamales, red and green ones. Do not tell them to gently toss to make the sweet because we apply other desserts in this celebration.

And what about the desserts?

First, a Corn Cake, a true classic of our flavors, and that, if this is the first time you prepare it, you will want to make it for the celebration of a “Tuesday”, for example. Finally, a few Beignets that we do at christmas, but that can be done perfectly to accompany a coffee pot. It is worth a mezcalito to the fireworks in the celebration that reminds us of where we were born as a country.

So, health, profit, and ¡Viva Mexico!

Carlos Dragonné. Twitter: @carlosdragonne