Disneyworld. When Remy takes over the reins of the park.

By: Carlos Dragonné

One of the things I hear most when I travel with intentions of getting me to amusement parks is But, you travel to eat, How will you do to enjoy the parks? and I understand from where comes this idea, because it is very difficult to eat well when one walks among roller coasters and attractions for children. Well, someone in the company of the world’s largest entertainment realized this some years ago and there were changes in the vision of what is served. We went to get into Orlando a couple of weeks before the scare of the Hurricane Irma -which ended, fortunately, remain just that: a scare – and we are dedicated only to Disneyworld. Welcome, then. Because here I will tell you of the places where I ate.

Animal Kingdom

I had never been in Animal Kingdom. And I need to fix the experience soon and dedicate one or two days to enjoy this park of which I got photos and narratives about what a surprise that turned out, not only the classic part of the park, but the new part based on the world of the tape, Avatar of James Cameron and that excited me like few things, even without being a fan of the tape.

The excitement of the new Flight of Passage, attraction newly released surprised me as a few things took me to get to Satu’li Canteen because it was already almost 12 noon and I just took an apple and a coffee in the belly. So it was fair enough to enter and any place sounded better than this one, inspired yet in Pandora and with a menu that boasted -from prior to my trip I researched a little, I must confess – quite healthy. And it doesn’t disappoint at all. A menu with dishes with grains and protein that make you feel about diet. Have, even, a matter of sustainability in their ingredients that surprises you in the middle of a park of attractions. The best thing here is to apply a Satu’li Bowl that one creates based on the options that the place offers. Are 4 proteins to choose from to assemble the bowl, 4 bases and 3 sauces. I chose Beef cooked on the coals slowly with rice and whole beans and a salsa-style chimichurri sauce that I filled the tummy and the smile. From there, straight to the dessert with a Mousse of Cream Cheese and blueberries to the that the only thing that did lack was a good coffee.

Magic Kingdom

Food Advertising by

A couple of years ago I got on Jungle Cruise because, if my head doesn’t fail me, I hit a day that was closed for restoration, repair or something like that. Although it could well have been that I was pretty full and we decided not to do the row. Of any form, it is one of those rides that are complemented very well with the restaurant that I decided to go to eat something more substantial already in the late afternoon. It is called Skipper Canteen and to enjoy it to 100%, I recommend that you go up first to the Jungle Cruise, for an issue of understanding the concept of service in its entirety.

In terms of the food, the restaurant has a theme of african cuisine, asian and south american interesting, away from the traditional kitchen of theme parks and, in addition, boasts of being the first restaurant in the complex, in which everything is made from scratch, which speaks enough of the sustainability of the kitchen that we try and that we learned a little the next day in Living with the Land at Epcot.

Warning: I atasqué in this place, so not worth criticism. I started with some Cachapas of the Orinoco. Put pork braseada worthy of getting a boat to ask for the meat alone by kilos-so good I was-and black beans and a little avocado. Few things I tried this year so rich with the use of pork meat in a casual way but, at the same time, so well prepared. Then came a few Falafel quite rich but still I thinking only in the Cachapas -a word which I learned is a synonym of arepas – and how to ask for request that I bring a corn tortilla and the pork meat to make a taco worthy in full Orlando.

For entree I opted for two options to give tour to the palate and be able to do that hold the breakfast worthwhile completely -and that he still had pending the feast of desserts – so I went for a Crew Stew, stew vegetables with curry to which I added a few shrimp by that which too much vegetable I fall heavy. And, finally, a dish that seemed a bit too much for an amusement park -for what tourists little risky – and, at the same time, in the middle of this restaurant with the theme that handles, I had all the logic of the world: fried Fish. But, eye…, as you can see in the picture that I upload, we are talking about the whole fish put in the fryer and served with a little rice and grilled onions. What was the favorite? Difficult to answer because they are two preparations are completely different that I apapacharon the palate and the memories of ways completely unique. If you only have space for one, I think it would be a late eternal on what I decide.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

To me, Hollywood Studios is the park’s most fun of all Disneyworld, from my point of view. Between Tower of Terror, Star Wars and Rock N’ Roller Coaster, the hours will go pretty fast, so that at least you realize you’re looking for the next game already with the light of the sunset. In the end of your renovations for what will become Star Wars Land and the first attraction of Mickey and Minnie throughout the park’s history, walk along the theatre of Muppets and passing the area of ABC Studios-another of the properties of the company, is the who became my favorite restaurant in all of Orlando and the parks of Disneyworld. It’s called Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant.

Input is a place that pays homage to the autocinemas of the decade of the 50’s, not only in its decor, its menu, or the environment itself, but in what is happening on the screen while one dinner. Because yes… the atmosphere of the drive-in is achieved up to at the tables, seats double locked in imitations of Thunderbirds and Cadillacs parked to enjoy the tape of science fiction that night, a night that remains constant between trailers of The 50 Foot Woman, The Amazing Colossal Man, Plan 9 From Outer Space , and commercial of the time that make the whole experience with, even, a couple of cartons of the era, one of which is the first stage of Tom & Jerry and that connects us with the cartoons repeated in our morning television and, for those who have some years of memories -not of age, no way-, the business of drive-to pass are the same that we saw in Perinorte or, even, for the most recent generations, in the same autocinema Coyote so fashionable to put on.

And, of course, this was the perfect place to ask for the first and only burger of the whole trip. But before we get to that, I have to do it… ask some Pickles Breaded deep-Fried. Something happens to me when I cross the northern border. In Mexico or in any other country other than the united States I can not with the pickles. My palate does not agree. But when I go to the neighboring country, there is a part of my memories of taste that embraces a good pickle always and when you have a good hamburger on the table. And as it would have, accompanied by a Malted Vanilla -which led me immediately to that scene in the Jack Rabbit Slim’s from Pulp Fiction with John Travolta-I started out there. I confess that there were doubts among the Special Burger Sci-Fi that included a bit of blue cheese and the classic The Reuben, but the saucer quintessential american ended up winning the battle of my cravings.

And then I went home. In Epcot we’ll talk about in another text because on this occasion my trip coincided with the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and, by the same, the food was the centerpiece of my visit to the iconic park of Orlando. But on the return flight, while I had a miserable croissant with ham and cheese, of course, rejected by mere principles and values, I thought of the question I did a few days before, about the food and the theme parks. For years I agreed. Today, while I plan my return in 2018 to Disneyworld for the opening of the new area of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, some would say that it will be easier to know what to eat in good places, and great flavors in the parks. What you may not know is that I am complicated when I have to think about in deciding on only one or two things of much that is offered. Note that Disney is being consistent with their stories. That or a chefcito secretly took control of all the kitchens of the park.