Enjoying all the tables of the city of Mexico.

By: Carlos Dragonné

We ended the vacation and it is time that we enjoy our city for a while without leaving -although they will always be on the weekends – so it is good for us a reminder of the best places to eat lunch or dinner, whether in a restaurant or craving garnachero. Here we will talk about the city of Mexico, which is where we live, so that we read of other cities, please send us your favorites to show off their favorite places.

Looking for tacos.

We have already talked about our Top 5 of the Tacos al Pastor but where else can we have a taco? Well, first, let’s define what type of taco, so that if we walk behind some stew, will always be the Tacos El Güero in the street of Amsterdam near the corner with Michoacán in the Col. Countess, The Purushon of Polanco or of Don Felipe in the Cuauhtémoc.

Market in market.

The weekends can help us to get out of the market and eating as commanded in the mexican tradition. Beyond what we know that passes in the San Juan Market, the reality is that one of the favorites of this home is the Market of the Peace in Tlalpan, where you can find delicious quesadillas, breakfast in whole or carnitas. If you are walking in other directions, the Market San Pedro de los Pinos is the option for a Back to Life.

Basic restaurants of the city of Mexico.

Obviously, the Clinician it is necessary. Not only is it good, or terrific. It is ne-ce-sa-rio. Ask for what you ask there will be no disappointment. La Barraca Valenciana if you are walking in Coyoacán can be a great option for cakes, and cooking with Spanish influence. Also Merkavá is urgent on any day of the week, and no one can deny about chilaquiles black Pewter. If you walk around with craving japanese, Zoku in the Col. Rome is another one that we had talked about and to enjoy.

Open for dinner and close the day perfect.

I should talk more in-depth one of my new favorites, but Lorea has given to the city of Mexico a new air of greatness in the culinary arena. Carmela and Salt from Chef Gaby Ruiz also came to freshen up the area of Lomas de Chapultepec. If yours is to walk in the west of the city, Rattlesnake of the Chef Lula Martin del Campo embraces the traditions of mexico and served at the table in the best way. Finally, the Chef Said Padilla, one of the big favorites of this site has reafrmed its menu in The Glutonnerie and showed that if greatness is about, this classic Champs-Elysées will never be out of our favorites.

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