FnB Restaurant. An indispensable passion for Arizona in Scottsdale.

By: Carlos Dragonné

Without a doubt, this day in my trip through Arizona became the flagship gastronomic adventure. After a breakfast room at Mountain Shadows -which, I confess, almost convinces me to stay a stash in the bed enjoying this type of apapachos-, it was time to get in way to loop through all the spaces of culinary potential. So, after a tour morning with Arizona Food Tours in which we enjoy not only great places to sink your teeth into, but the history of Scottsdale in a basic when travelling here, we went to get a couple of tastings of local wines. Then came the afternoon and walk for Scottsdale ArtWalk I came to the place where cenaría and it will close the day. And what a way to close it. Welcome to Scottsdale. Today’s menu is served in FnB.

I’ve always said that the service is a fundamental part of a good experience. From that one comes to FnB know that there is a mission for making you feel the diner is not as a great guest, but as part of the family, with the latino heat of Pavle Milic, who in addition to being partner and manager of the place and founder of the house of wines, The Milics -leo’s that are of the most awarded worldwide, is one of the key figures of the dining scene in the valley of Arizona that surrounds Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe.

But there is something more behind Gnh is lost in the huge humility of the project, even though -according to me – should presumirlo to all voices and with all possible force. Winner of recognition since it opened almost 10 years ago, this place in which Pavle Milic is a member of the Chef Charleen Badman pays homage to Arizona as well as a few restaurants I’ve seen do this in their cities/states of origin. Badman has created a cuisine inspired by products and local traditions and, at the same time, Milic as the creator of the wine, has made this the first and unique wine list only to Arizona, to do honour to the cuisine of his partner, who clearly admires deeply in every one of the time of the service.

So we started a night that promises to lead us to the vision of Arizona of two of its biggest stars, as Badman has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation for four consecutive years as a semi-finalist of the award for Best Chefs in America, which is no small thing. Milic enters and exits the stage with their bottles, proud of the creations that has decided to share with the diners at the table. Two of his wines, named in honor of their children will lead us through a menu designed methodically to embrace the palate with the essence of Arizona.

Then the dishes start to flow, the laughter to reach and the latino heat of Pavle Milic to show more force in these veins colombian that have been held for nearly 40 years in Arizona and that they have found the way to share your passion for life, translated into the service, the flavors, the food and drink. Milic us counting dish to dish that comes to the table, while the palate falls in love with the Falafel with Kale that tastes of something different and, at the same time, a dish that we have tried so much and so little. Entries are filling up the table and the eyes of all we meet are changing to closed, open, in blacno and lively with the pleasure that is happening in every bite.

FnB is one of the fundamental places of the culinary scene in Scottsdale. And as the night is falling and the cups are filled with new wine The Milics, I see now why it is among the places that they have recommended to me when I’ve traveled to new cities. The simplicity of the menu reminds me of the great restaurants we’ve enjoyed in the last few years have left aside the complication at the time of creating the cards to focus on a few dishes that define a concept.

Between the flounder cooked to perfection with tarragon that came in front of me or the roasted chicken with spaetzel mustard for another guest, I find it hard to define what is the best flavor of the night. And that’s not tried every one of the dishes that appeared because, in the end, everyone has theirs and I don’t love to be tucking forks on plates outside. However, I must confess that the Pork Chop with wheat, pumpkin and chutney plum with dill made me return the next night, quietly, so as not to leave the piece of curiosity open. What I found? Let’s say that after a week off I looked back to Scottsdale to have dinner there, one last time before the return trip. I did not found a place in a night completely filled with FnB. But I already have a plane ticket for February.

It is here that arrive the desserts and, with it, my time to reflect on what just happened. Not for anything else but a diet without sugar that has me stuck. But then I see people with whom I share this night go with a singular joy to the preparations that are fired in the night and I think of the words of Pavle Milic to say goodbye: Here what you are looking for is happiness. And I begin to read about him while the echo of his accent colombian is still present in the table.

Photo of Jill Richards, published in SevenFifty Daily.

Beyond the personal story and her arrival in Arizona at the age of 15; that projects relentless that give a sense of community that few times I see them; more than the wine, and the radio station that he founded to promote what is being done in the valley of Phoenix, there is something that stands out from Pavle Milic, the face that represents today Gnh for us: there is a never-ending passion for doing the things that he does. Do you do them well? That will be in the mind of each person who crosses the doors of FnB or to be served a glass of their wines. But I am a faithful convinced that there are no passions wrong that make you smile so much when the that feeds the shares in a table.