Four Peaks Brewing. Tempe hides one of the best breweries in the country.

By: Carlos Dragonné

As you will recall by several of the trips that I’ve told you, I’m a lover of beer. On those trips I have discovered small local breweries that remind me of why I love that drink. But, suddenly, I come to escape big names that you should know. The good thing is that I keep traveling and can correct the course. That happened to me on this occasion. Welcome to Tempe. The menu today, with chela included, is served at Four Peaks Brewing.

It was a day of shopping, running from one side to another, return to the Tempe Festival of the Arts by things I have been antojado and I decided that yes I could put it in the suitcase -challenging the laws of physics – and, in the end, take a coffee to watch the sunset from NCounter, a great place to have breakfast which ended up being also a great place for the balm of the evening.

I then took the car and drove over to Four Peaks Brewing, a place that a good and knowledgeable friend of Arizona had recommended me, knowing my taste for beer in all its forms. Since my arrival, I knew it would be a good night because the place was bursting. And it was a Tuesday. Something good had to be inside.

The place is quite bigger than what one can imagine when he says the phrase: a craft brewery. This restaurant, a bar, a pub and brewery where the tables coexist with the barrels of the beer is, at first sight, and by all accounts, a mainstay in the daily life of the valley. This is not a place for tourists and nothing more, but for the locals who boast proud of the achievements of a firm, 100% of Arizona at the global level.

Because that is one of the first things that attracts attention when you tear through the living room of Four Peaks and you start to put attention on the walls. The huge number of medals and awards in the World Beer Awards and the Great American Beer Festival is something that not anyone can boast with such arrogance. Then we come to the time of selecting the first beer of the night, and the food that would accompany her.

Make No mistake, because the beer is here the protagonist. What comes to the table to eat has to be at the height of, for example, the Hop Knot with the one that starts the night. And yes, it is a fact that here it is about food, classic bar food that does not cause us conflict at the time of enjoying it, without implying that we are not faced with food very well prepared. That’s why for the first beer, I lean towards finger food, in the form of Nachos, Wings, a Hummus that I didn’t expect it to be so good, a few Brussels Sprouts and Spinach Dip with Artichoke. And before you start judging me and my size belt, I tell them that there were many on the table, which was appreciated to be able to test the greater amount of things.

Then came the empty glass. And had to fill it again. Four Peaks Brewing has beers and badge this season, so that it is medium difficult to define what would be the next. Hop Knot is one of the marks of all life, so the next step would have to be one of the exercises that we call Single Tank, where it is made, as indicated, a single tank with creative freedom absolute, and is left to the client to discover the idea which emerged at the head of the master brewer. So I booted with a Holmberg Bound, a Big Red IPA is phenomenal for the next course of food.

Between Burgers, Pizzas and a couple of Sandwiches that we were going around the table, came also a White Ale, Witbier belgian that is incredible and that, in spite of not having the weight needed for the burger I was zampando, try it with the Mac & Cheese which were circulated for the pleasure of all, but I could perfect the creation of dishes designed for each one of the varieties of Four Peaks Brewing. Because here comes the beer, and then create something that will honor at the table.

If on more than one occasion I have told you that breakfast a Stout doesn’t sound such a bad idea, who am I to refuse to close the dessert with an Oatmeal Stout, a blend of 6 malts and a different hop Golding that embraces the chocolate cake final, and that sounds like the perfect point to close the night at Four Peaks? And I was eager to try some of their beers Prestige, among which is a Sirius Black, Stout Russian Imperial aged in barrels of Bourbon.

I for back a moment and look for the table. It is here that I understand the success of Four Peaks Brewing to see the 8 that talk about, give, eat, and smile while you are discovering the flavors that came in different forms, in an environment clearly established as a need in Tempe. It is this moment that helps you understand that there comes a point in that no matter the prizes, but what you’re leaving to day to day at the tables and in the barrels.

Between medals and awards can boost the communication of your brand but the reality is that the essence of the brewer, the alchemist that seeks to ensure that the group of friends is each day more happy, remains intact. The thing here is that the group of friends became much larger than how it began. That’s why you now have to walk creating a lot more beers.

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