Hotels BF, the best care, comfort and service for guests.

The group of Hotels BF unveils its new image and concept for each of the hotels and the level of the group, whose emphasis is on leaving a mark on their visitors, their community and the country. Was presented the essence of their hotels and their respective facilities, renovations, and new services, in an environment more avant-garde and accompanied by various amenities and a host of benefits for its guests.

The presentation of this new era of Cheap BF took place along with special guests in the legendary and superbly located Hotel Fontán Reforma, in the Historic Center of Mexico City. From its tenth floor you can see the most imposing buildings of the Avenida Reforma, in addition to the Monument to the Revolution, the rocking Horse, the National Lottery, the Angel of Independence, one of the most important icons of the capital, and the Castle of Chapultepec in the background. The hotel is just a few steps from the Alameda Central and the Palacio de las Bellas Artes.

The night highlighted by having a relaxed and dynamic, with multiple spaces of interaction with the guests in which they could go to discover the latest innovations of the group in an original way. Conducted a number of tours through the hotel’s common areas and some of their new rooms. The experience of the other destinations where are located the Hotels BF was presented with an adaptation of its environment and concept in the rooms of Reform. In these spaces you could change the atmosphere city to a completely zen, where they were offered massages and demonstrations of yoga, or to another where there were activities for the whole family.

In the event, were also exposed to several works of painting and photography artists Juan Carlos Santoscoy and Jimena Carranza, as well as samples of craft mixtec, otomi, art huichol, red clay and alebrijes from wood of Oaxaca.

This responds to the fact that since its inception, the creators of the cheap BF sought to have a social impact in their communities through the incorporation of local artisans, artists and collaborators in the value chain. The group seeks to contribute to release individual creativity and development, and to promote artists and mexican artisans, support their communities, and in this way convert the hotel sector in a sector of social transformation.

During the evening, all the guests enjoyed snacks, and dining options offered in each one of the hotels BF, as presented in the islands with the creative touch of each hotel. Highlighted by the “antojitos bicicleteros” of Reform, the ceviches of Cozumel, as well as classic strips Ixtapa and the cocktail Acapulqueño Warrior.

During the event presented the new image of the group, which lies on the one hand, under its new name and logo – Cheap BF – which merges its two sets of current hotel: Hotels Fontán, which are hotels 240 rooms or more, ideal for a variety of markets and Hotels B, which are spaces boutique atmosphere, trendy and personalized attention. On the other hand, the new image implies a differentiation of the group through innovation, creativity, freshness and work with artists and artisans.

The aim of the group is to allow guests and your community to live your present fully, to connect with themselves, their loved ones, with nature and with what really matters. And in that message lies its new campaign, which fits to the concept of each hotel is: CREATED for CDMX, REMEMBERS, and LOVES to Acapulco, RELAX for Cozumel and RIE to Ixtapa. Always in conjunction with excellent care, comfort and service, whatever the reason for your visit.

With its new image, CHEAP BF looking to offer facilities and atmospheres, more modern designed for the traveler, avant-garde and who enjoys life. For example, Fontan Reforma offers a metropolitan atmosphere and eco-urban, where the bicycle, the symbol of the mexican culture, it is the main icon of the hotel. Its philosophy of use, and care for the environment are some of the main values of the place. The hotel has 240 rooms, 3 Masters Suites, 10 Jr. Suites, Business Centre, rooms for meetings or events with cutting-edge technology and much more.

Within their areas and main restaurant XKINA appreciate the facilities of parts of bicycles and accessories that are designed with wheels such as the lamps from the ceiling. Even the menu makes reference to the bike, offering from light snacks typical of tricycle with a touch of gourmet as tamalitos de cochinita pibil and black beans with salsa tatemada, to nutritious food for cyclists looking to get in shape, as delicious salads and soups with ingredients of “superfoods”. Between the delicious creations prepared by chef Ricardo Organiz Serrano, highlight the fish to the chilmole, the flamed shrimp with mezcal and chile guajillo, and the sirloin of beef in gravy with rosemary.

In the lobby of the Hotel Fontan Reforma is also home to the café Cool Corner, a choice that is more casual that includes focaccia, tapas, salads, juices and other healthy alternatives and more rapid preparation. The laid-back atmosphere with elements of craft and bikes, invites you to read, work, relax, or take a good cup of coffee between their national and international visitors.

As part of its contribution in the world of art and through the great exponents of urban art, coming soon to the Hotel Fontán Reforma intervene the main wall 20 x 16 metres of its main façade is located in front of the Horse, which will seek to become a new reference point and promotion of culture in Mexico City.

Within the chain of Hotels BF, is also Hotel Fontan Ixtapa is located in the centre of the beach “El Palmar”. Account with a total of 472 rooms and a concept of “All Inclusive”, where the only duty of the guests will be having fun. Your remodeling is focused on providing spaces and activities for families to enjoy d the sun and the beach to the fullest, but above all have a unique interaction, full of laughter. Among the novelties stand out the Kids Club, Teen Club, a restaurant with additional concept of a bbq, a disco and a pool bar.

Hotel B Cozumel, for its part, is a boutique hotel, unique and avant-garde, ideal for those travellers in search of new experiences. The hotel stands out for its spectacular views and its small natural bay. Is completely turned to the sea, with 90% of its 45 rooms with view to it. It is one of the most exclusive and trendy in the Caribbean. In January of 2017 starts the expansion of 27 luxury rooms additional, a new restaurant, pool, SPA and other luxury services and design mexican avant-garde.

Hotel Casa Lisa in Acapulco is an exclusive boutique residence of tuscan style, with 7 Master Suites, equipped and newly remodeled with a retro design-contemporary, pool, tennis courts, palapa with bar and large gardens to enjoy the sunny days of the costa in absolute privacy and tranquility. It is situated on a hill that provides a spectacular view of Acapulco bay and a first class service.

Hotel Villavera, also in Acapulco, the iconic Raquet Club that involves great stories with characters of Hollywood as actors. After several years, opened its doors to couples and families that enjoy their stay and amenities, and a private and privileged. Located five minutes from the beach, is a wonderful retreat with three acres of gardens, 17 pools, tennis and paddle tennis, and a restaurant with a great variety of dishes and drinks.

The first hotel of the group BF to be remodeled was B Cozumel in 2011, to charge of the Architect Eugenia Hernandez, respecting the traditional roots of hotels, and innovated at the same time in designs and concepts. The following, also under the same line of the Architect Hernandez was Fontán Reform in 2014. The interior design in the rooms, has been the creation of the A. I, Gisela, Lamb of Pavia and Monica Amke clearance MATTE Interior, who, among other things, they incorporated pieces of mexican artisans.

For the remodeling of the lobby, the café and restaurant is attached to the project the firm of French origin, DEAR, built by the architects Delphine Passot and Arnaud Zein El Din, giving a new meaning and coherence to the atmosphere and incorporating the art and installations of bicycles in common areas of the hotel.

CHEAP BF have as their primary goal the care for the environment , carrying out trainings for your staff, communication in the guest services, in addition to using materials and biodegradable detergents. The group carries out technical processes such as the replacement of equipment of high energy consumption equipment sparing, as for example in air conditioners, boilers, lighting systems, among others.

In the Hotel Fontán Ixtapa (the largest group) are invested in a reverse osmosis plant, a process that uses the technology of filtration of water through which is achieved a high percentage of removal of contaminants, dissolved and not dissolved (up to 99% retention of dissolved salts) present in the water. With these measures, it has been managed to date a decrease in the consumption of energy by over 15%. The group seeks to ensure a sustainable tourism development, taking care of the resources and creating an awareness about the preservation of nature, which form part of their main supply of value.

The new vision of Hotels BF also includes a new communication strategy, Public Relations, and Social Networks, in addition to the launch of your website with the aim of keeping up to date with its customers with all the news and promotions of the chain. But above all, it seeks to convey the relaxation, love, creativity and laughter are the perfect ingredients to enjoy life as it should be. “Leave a footprint and to live in the present” is their main motto.