Hotels to take in the sights in this 2017

The reports of the travel trends for this 2017 that we share our friends at Small Luxury Hotels advertised, among a few other interesting details, the preferences of travelers for boutique hotels, as these offer a more personal experience and unique, in comparison with the properties of large hotel chains.

The reflectors point to Mexico in 2017. The sector of luxury boutique hotels continues to grow; the country is full of creative people who want to experience and share his love for art, design and gastronomy. What better way to share than by creating your small independent hotel? It is remarkable the opening of properties of Premium quality that are characterized by their style and local flavor, so that SLH joined eight new hotels to its family, making Mexico our most important destination for 2017.

  • Stara Hamburg, Mexico City
  • Stara San Angel Inn, Mexico City
  • Chablé Spa & Resort, Yucatan
  • Offshore, Los Cabos
  • Mezzanine hotel, Tulum
  • The Fish Butique Hotel, Tulum
  • The Zebra Beach Hotel & Restaurant, Tulum
  • My Love Boutique Hotel & Spa, Tulum

The increase of the basic hotels –also known as wall back– in Tulum, means greater demand for offers contemporary and chic, which shows the new meaning of luxury: enriching experiences vs materialism. “This type of hotels has created a new standard of luxury in the industry, since most of them has been born of projects full of passion and creativity fashioned by people that do not come from the hotel sector,” said Filip Boyen, CEO of SLH. Creativity flourishes in places such as The Zebra Beach Hotel, which celebrates local traditions and international by means of a recently announced partnership with the world-renowned restaurant Noma, Copenhagen (recognized by the Michelin guide), which will open a version “pop up” and will operate from march to may of 2017. This is part of the new wave of Small Luxury Hotels that leave the competition behind when they focus on experiences of luxury with an authentic local flavor.

The caribbean has also been transformed and the five new members of the family SLH are example of them. French Coco, Martinique; Berthélemy Hotel and Spa, in St. Barthélemy; The Reef by CuisinArt, Anguilla; The Manoah Boutique Hotel, also in Anguilla; Paradise Beach Nevis, St Kitts and Nevis and Point Grace Resort & Spa, Turks and Caicos islands. In Paradise Nevis was no need to put a restaurant, the meals are cooked individually by the chef, using only the finest local produce; the Room Service consists of dishes from the menus of the restaurants of the area, which allows guests to sample the delights of different parts of the island in the comfort of your own room. In addition to the unique culinary experience, the hotel offers a private butler who anticipates every need of the travelers. The Reef by CuisinArt is putting fashion in Anguilla cooking with ingredients produced in the garden of the property; something completely new in a hotel in the Caribbean.

The islands are another favorite for the 2017. Incredible properties facing the sea in places will rise in 2017 for its level of luxury; among them we have several new hotels SLH: Sikelia, in Italy; Kokomo Island, in Fiji; Naxian Collection, in Greece; Yemaya, Little Corn Island Resort & Spa, Nicaragua and Domain Misincu, in France; all of them will give a new meaning to escape to an island. The traveler will experience life in a secluded paradise, with a plan to do almost all of the “bucket lists” of affluent clients, especially if your getaway includes adventures and healthy habits, and nurturing (strong tendency to 2017). Some good examples include Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa, a place of secluded luxury on a remote island that has only 700 inhabitants; there are no cars, nor electrical energy. On Pantelleria, a picturesque volcanic island in black, located between Tunisia and Sicily (it is considered by UNESCO as a world Heritage site) is the hotel Sikelia; the local care and improve their health with the healing properties of its springs and the mud with minerals. Scheduled to open in January 2017, Will Domain Misincu will be the only five-star hotel certified as a luxury ecological and environmental in the region of Cap Corsica, also known as “the island in the island”.

So you know, if you are looking for something “chic” and different for their next vacation SLH is the place to look for it.