Millesime Mexico, the event for gourmets par excellence

By Elsie Mendez

Since 7 years ago Millesime Mexico came to please the experts and lovers of good food and drink, with a concept never before presented in the country and that each year conquers more and more palates anxious to try the most outstanding of the gastronomy in Mexico and the world.

It is easy to say, but to keep the concept without spending it and preserving the quality and wonder of those who are attending for seven years is no easy thing. The find a new topic and there from for chefs, sponsors, designers, architects and the rest of those who are part of Millesime Mexico, taken as a thread to display your dishes, drinks, spaces, experiences; it is a challenge for the creators of this event, which fulfilled to the letter fully, when the time came to open the doors of the space of thousands of square that it occupies within the Centro Banamex in Mexico city.

Manuel Quintanero is the brain behind this project that started in Spain and today has a presence in Mexico and Chile, in addition to the opportunity to continue to live these moments of culinary exclusive and exquisite thanks to the space called Study Millesime, which I’ll tell you at another time.

Millesime Mexico was born with the aim of providing businesses and entrepreneurs a space where to be able to flatter and pamper its customers and business partners – or similar – with an exceptional dining experience, from the hand of talented chefs national and international, in conjunction with brands and gourmet products unique and of the highest quality, for which it is to create restaurants within the same forum, and a great tasting room with sub-sections with drinks and dishes that give them to speak for months by the attendees.

Major brands have been part of this event par excellence for connoisseurs as: Johnnie Walker, Zacapa, LVMH with its Champagnes and Cognacs, American Express, The European, Riedel, Kelp, Chateau Camou, just to mention a few. And to celebrate its 7th anniversary, GNP Insurance is high with the largest presence to be a co presenter for the event.


But What has made Millesime Mexico is an event so out of series compared to some others in Mexico?

Are a number of factors, but I could tell that the master mind of Manuel Quintanero, who, along with his team, they know to find those characters that manage to give a touch of distinction and elegance to the event, and that is something that many others don’t possess. This is not only to put a lot of chefs to cook and try to move up to premium brands, is to know how to select who is best for each space, for each corner mounted with a precise objective, thought out in detail, and summing the product with the cook to the ideal, or putting together a product with another to offer a perfect pairing, the integration of the architects, designers and interior designers who from nothing built a room unique and unforgettable. And exclusivity, the key word, because many desire, but few have access to the.

Still not announces the 8th edition of Millesime Mexico, which we are looking forward to see what new surprises it will bring to the classroom Quintanero and the key people that make this event so loved and well received.

And while the time comes, here’s a little of what we have talked about Millesime Mexico