Monte Xanic, the third winery of the largest value in the wine industry in Mexico

Monte Xanic will be 30 years old this 2017 and comes as the third winery of the largest value in the wine industry in Mexico. The results, due to their growth in all segments and market channels, adding up to a total of +18% in volume and 25% in value compared to the previous year.

The mexican wine continues to be the source of greatest relevance and growth in the total market of wines. Represents the 32.5% of the volume, followed by Spain with 19.5%. In the growth of the mexican wine maintains a very positive trend, rising by +13.9% compared with a +7.6% for the rest of the total wine category. ISCAM **

The growth of Monte Xanic will continue this 2017 with its tendency of change, innovation and commitment in the world of wine, with the presentation of new products.

“The patience, the time, the dedication and commitment that we put in the wine-making is what defines us. 30 years ago, five friends had a dream that became a reality and transformed lives and an entire industry. The mexican wine changed. Today the principles of Monte Xanic remain in force with a consolidated portfolio and growth”, commented Hans Backhoff, General Director of Monte Xanic.

Monte Xanic start 2017 with a new presentation of individual bottles of 375 ml. Your line Monte Xanic Calixa is the brand of the highest quality in its segment and will be presented as a good surprise for the lovers of mixtures of varieties. In his classic line, welcome to the grape Grenache, rosé wine and the grape Syrah. Both varieties have become classics in the winery and for this reason have been included in the line of Monte Xanic. At the end of 2017, will offer 21 mexican wines of the highest quality and consistency under its four brands.

Monte Xanic received in January, the ISO 9001:2015 in its processes of harvesting, production and shipment as well as in the service of the tasting, which confirms the Quality Management System of Monte Xanic.

Currently, Monte Xanic has seven properties in Baja California, including the Valley of Ojos Negros, and 100 hectares planted. A production of 60 thousand boxes under four brand names GREAT RICARDO, limited Editions, Monte Xanic and Monte Xanic Calixa.

** Source: ISCAM RY JJ’15 Period comparative August-September 2015 June-July 2016)