Mountain Shadows. When to renew is to honor the past.

By: Carlos Dragonné

The name says it all. The shadow has cover and hides the rays of the dawn to discover the romance of the colors orange and ochre of the desert. It was, by far, the best place of the city for vacation. And today, after having closed its doors more than ten years, has been renovated to be the property of luxury that will change the way you travel to this city. Welcome to Visit Scottsdale. Today we slept in Mountain Shadows.

When we walked into the lobby feels a kind of contrast in harmony. Before we fall into the contradictions of narratives, I explain what I mean. This hotel was not remodeled by its former owners. No. Was abandoned. Sold. And one day someone took the project and decided to give a new meaning to a property huge that today is positioned as one of the best luxury hotels in the region. But, when you do this, there were several details that were left to pay tribute to the years of history that passed here.

These decorative elements have been left to recognize what was once an icon of the wilderness, which earned its name for the silhouette is drawn both from Camelback Mountain as that of Mummy Mountain in the afternoons, which helps to cool the place, especially in a destination that in the summer it can reach temperatures above 40 degrees.

What we have in the space is a kind of union between originality of design that pays homage to the so-called modernism of the decade of the 50’s and the recognition of the legacy of a resort that has found a way to revive with much more force and, above all, giving its place to the obvious luxury that one expects when it comes to the rooms.

When you open the door to the room jump to view a decorating angle, marked and intelligent, highlighting the spaces and corners of a room made for enjoying the shade of a destination that paints the sky every evening. The rooms are designed to go out to the balcony to the middle of the afternoon, to observe and to let go of ideas and thoughts that you left the forward out of the shadows.

But, at the same time, they also are designed to you don’t come out of them. And in a world of maelstrom and constant movement, one appreciates the design of a hotel that declares with his voice stronger than just places for sleeping only. It is time to reclaim the hotel as a whole experience. Of course… you have to see the hot tub and ready to relax with that does not want me to leave the room. But also with a detail that I observe and write down on the list of things to do on a trip.

Mountain Shadows is daring, it is bold and stands as a statement to understand that renovations don’t must trample what you were and what you did to get to where you are. The field of golf, sport that he would soon start to practice for the simple taste, it is one of those samples. Originally designed by Arthur Jack Snyder, years later to be redesigned for the opening by Forrest Richardson, one of the students of Snyder and tries to return to the greatness it became a favorite of travelers in the decade of the 60’s.

When you are traveling, the important thing is to be in a place that invites you to explore it in every corner, to discover the pleasure and understand the elegance of a resort which, in addition, it is also just 20 minutes from the Sky Harbor airport. And it becomes instantly in one of those spaces that invite you to repeat the trip.

If you remember in one of the previous articles discussed on arrival at the airport in Phoenix and the sunset that welcomed us to this city badge of Arizona. After a sunset in Mountain Shadows, one understands that the magic of being in the desert is to look up and let go. Helps a lot to do in the shadow of Camelback Mountain. The problem is going to be having to leave here to go home.

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