My favorites of Denver. Where do you eat?

By: Carlos Dragonné

I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado. Whether in Aurora or Colorado Springs… go, I’ll settle up with a little house in Carbondale, a small town 20 minutes north of Aspen, in which there is a lot to do and, at the same time, all for you to enjoy. But now I’m in Denver. And one of the main reasons for wanting to leave everything, grab the dogs and suitcases and to move is the food. Where to eat well in this city? In many places, but here’s a small list of my favorites. The menu now is in Denver. It is served in all of these tables.

Central Denver Market

The thing is as well. In my head, this place is as it should have been on the Market Rome. A mix of spaces that serve amazing food but they also sell you the product. Do you want a cut of local meat or a pizza? Do you crave a good cheese board, and bring you freshly made bread at home? Indispensable to understand why the people of this city enjoy both the flavors.

Osteria Marco

On Larimer Street there is a small place that managed to effect Anton Ego with a lasagna on my first night here. One of the fundamental of the city and, in addition, think of not only the tourist but the local that, at the end of the day, the market is more demanding.


At Union Station, is this place full of every type of traveller, from which to use the train to get to work until you get to the airport and wants to say goodbye to the city with a breakfast that is more than worthy and full of the flavors of Denver, the second city with the greatest growth in culinary as specialized magazines. Necesarísimo to try any of their many options of Benedictines, something that they dominate to perfection. The Hot Cakes are also an excellent escape from the reality of food every day.

Food Advertising by

Menya Noodle Bar

My favorite area: 16th Street Mall. From bookstores and boutiques to restaurants and breweries that I apapachan when I arrive. I moved to Denver, would that get me something close to here. And it’s that walk I discovered Menya Noodle Bar where after a Chashu Bowl, and a Spicy Miso Men, I came again and again and again during the week. Yes… I am addicted to the ramen, and if you encounter one that is worthy, ground not drop it. You should do the same.

Kachina Southwestern Grill

We stayed at The Maven, what I’ll tell you later, but below is a place that won me over from the first dish. Simple, fun and with good food, in the Kachina does not will you lose if you test the mexican influence of their breakfasts. Have some hot cakes of blue corn that are of applause and caravans. The carnitas torta is to return to stay at the hotel just to be able to desayunarla journal.

Here is a small list of the places I go to in Denver. Yes… you will notice that you are missing one very famous and it has made a place in lists, and magazine cover. Well… I do not like it. And also missing Work & Class , but I arrived and was so saturated with people that do not I was out to dinner, so I can’t talk about it. But with this, they have to enjoy quite a in the city of the mile.

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