My first phone was a Motorola. 21 years after I came back.

By: Carlos Dragonné

It is time to confess it… get out Of this position question and tell you what has happened, what I’ve decided in the last few weeks and that, at the end, has represented a major change in what I do and how I do it. Because, after many years of not changing the brand of cell phone, today I left the platform years to get into something new. And here I’m going to tell you why I left my iPhone and got a Motorola Z2. Yes… as well as read it.

How many times have heard me defend the iPhone? Okay, so one of the things that defined the change were the recent trips that we have done in The Flavors of Mexico and the World, in which, for reasons which I will not detail here, we have had to make them without our cameras always.

And so it was that I found myself in Washington, DC with a cell phone and two laptop batteries quite useful, but, at the same time, it shows that it already had to leave behind. I had not decided to change the device because I knew that in the month of September there would be a notice from Apple that everything would revolve around the tenth anniversary of the telephone.

And so it was. The problem was that, at the end of the conference, when they announced the cost of iPhone X I was thinking about the cost-benefit ratio and, for the first time, I understood what many of the friends I have argued against the flagship device of the company created by Steve Jobs. Did you actually plan that one to buy a cell phone that costs the same that basically, the coupling of a, say, a Mazda 2? Do they fall?

Then, someone loaned me a Motorola Z2 for a few days in which I decided what I was going to do. I have to admit that I struggled to work the Android system at the beginning and that there are certain applications that I missed, but my friend had a Motomod of a camera 360º with that I started to play on my next trip.

I soon found out looking on the internet for other options. Being someone who has a day of today more than 164 gigabytes in the “pictures” folder, find a Motomod Hasselblad and a projector was sufficient reason to consider the possibility to get one of these phones.

However, beyond the photos and the videos 360 that I took during my trip, I had to test was the camera’s native phone because, at the end of the day, it is the main function to which you take advantage, whether it is the phone that is. And here is where I ended up convince.

The control of the camera in professional mode you have control of shutter, exposure, balance white, ISO, and focus. In addition, the modes of use that it brings outweigh other phones that I have had in the hands.

We agree that as photographers, always we prefer the computer in which we have invested in optics. Especially with image sensors much more robust than we give X amount of megapixels real. But as occasional travelers were grateful to have a phone with a camera that exceeds the expectations of other mobile devices.

I returned to the city of Mexico to find a box from Amazon in my house. I bought the mods from Hasselblad, the projector and the loudspeaker, in addition to the 360 and the external battery. Still not back to my friend the phone. Why? Because I’m waiting for you come to the store the Z2 Force. While, I have enough with what to play.

All of this text could they have been saved. How? Simple. All of the photos you see in this article I took with the Motorola. Some with the camera that is native to the phone, some with the mod Hasselblad. All with the option of HDR turned on. The only modifications I made were the correction of spherical in the RAW photos and the Black-and-White. Now do you see why I changed my phone? I think I have to get used to saying Hello Moto.