#PescaConFuturo initiative that promotes sustainable fishing

The creative work of a cook begins with the inspiration and with the passion that cause the ingredients, that is what previous experts food we are adding to #PescaConFuturo, a communication campaign that seeks to raise awareness of the danger of overfishing, promote sustainable fisheries, and the need to maintain the populations of all species to a healthy level; to operate a socially and economically fair and responsible; provide socio-economic benefits for present and future; and to ensure the satisfaction of the demand of future generations.

At the global level, Mexico is ranked as one of the countries with the greatest wealth in biodiversity which allows you to use a number of natural resources as the main source of income. However, so that it remains a commercial activity viable, it is important to emphasize on the sustainability of the use of resources.

The term of sustainability has been listening for more than two decades and yet, still has not been able to form part of the DNA and of the daily practices of the consumer. The Sustainable Fishing is a form of fishing that seeks to meet the needs of those who depend on this resource, making emphasis on the actions that can be done in the present to ensure the future of fishing and of marine biodiversity. Fishing for the future is to think in the new generations and to act today to protect its natural resources.

These are some of the Chefs that have joined #PescaConFuturo:

  • Edgar Delgado, Restaurant Carlota (CDMX), @RestauranteCarlota
  • Mikel Alonso, Restaurant LUR (CDMX), @RestaurantLur
  • Aquiles Chavez, A Restaurant Sotero (Pachuca), @Sotero RestMx
  • Xavier Perez Stone, Restaurant Axiote (Playa del Carmen), @AxiotePlaya
  • Miguel Álvarez, Agatha Kitchen Bar (Mazatán), @Agathakitchenbar
  • Fernando Diaz and Julio Gutierrez (CDMX), @LaTrainera
  • Mary Carmen Hinojosa (CDMX), professor and Coordinator of the academy of Gastronomy in @ESDAI
  • Cristina Avelar (CDMX), Head and professor of the Academy of Gastronomy and Services in @ESDAI

Achievements on Sustainable Fishing in Mexico:

  • The fisheries of spiny lobster in the Caribbean and yellowtail at Isla Natividad, Baja California Sur, were rated as “Best Choice” by the index of sustainability by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  • The fishery for red rock lobster in Baja California was recertified by the Marine Stewardship Council. It is the third time you get the certification.
  • They have created Networks of Spokespersons Fishermen for the Sustainable Fishing, whose mission is to propose, share and communicate good practices, knowledge and experiences for the development of the sector.
  • The Legislative, Executive and organised civil society working in partnership to strengthen the participation of citizens, the compliance with international agreements and the implementation of standards of sustainability.

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