Prescription. Fish with a Crust of Potato

See… As always, we were thinking of easy recipes to prepare and is rich on the palate. Today we’re going with a recipe of fish. Why? Because the fish is the way of nature to tell us that we eat healthy. In fact, there are specialists in nutrition, which recommend eating fish at least two times a week, so, causing them that case, here is a delicious recipe and healthy.

For this recipe of Fish with a Crust of potatoes we need:

  • Two fish fillets
  • Wheat flour
  • 1 Egg
  • Potato flakes (those for mash instant)
  • Parsley chopped very thin
  • Salt and pepper

Assemble three seasons. The first with flour. The second with egg beaten with a little water. The third goes with the potato flakes and the parsley. This is very simple. Take the fillet and pull it first through the flour. This makes that the surface is dry and when cooked, it becomes a little crispy. Then pass the fish through the egg and, at the end, put it in the flakes with parsley. The only thing that remains is to put the fish in a pan with very hot oil. I recommend using sesame oil for the flavor. And ready to go. There is that serve and garnish with what they like the best. I like to use a side of green vegetables or with a little sauce of cream cheese with herbs.

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