Prescription. Make snacks with mole to receive people.

We are nothing of the start of the world and, of course, there will be those who receive visits, every time there is a party worth or even every day. But for when you play Mexico, I have ideas quite good and easy that will be as great hosts, and even as masters of our kitchen. Because it is to use the mole in another form and with different things to the classic chicken. There are three Appetizers with Mole sauce.

We’re going to make three different Appetizers with Mole sauce. Let’s start with the Mole Poblano.

The first thing we must achieve is that what we try and to combine with the mole to go well. And do not complicate our existence. That’s why I recommend very much that you have a kit home package of Mole sauce Ready to Serve. If you remember, we had already made several recipes with them which you can see in our Youtube channel.

So first let’s use Mole Poblano. And to give it a whirl, we need to use shrimp. It is very simple. Buy shrimp of good size and sazónenlos with salt, pepper and a bit of cocoa powder. In a frying pan with olive oil, put onion chopped very finely to acitrone and a bit of chopped garlic. Add the shrimp, sauté until ready and serve. Strew chopped parsley on top and use the mole as a dip.

Next idea: sweet Potato Chips with Paprika and Pipián.

Slicing a sweet potatoes with a mandolin or with a knife into slices very thin. Put in a roasting pan oiled and bathed with olive oil chips. Add grain salt and paprika. Bake at 160-180 ° c for half an hour, until crisp. Put them as chips next to the pipián ready to serve to blend in better.

Last idea: Fingers of Cheese with Mole Almendrado.

Make fingers of cheese is quite easy and it is the flagship of the food botanera. Cut Mozzarella cheese into sticks. In a bowl mix bread crumbs with parmesan cheese, oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper. In another beat egg. And the process is two-fold. We put the sticks in egg, then cover them with the mixture of bread crumbs. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and repeat. They put everything on a tray and freeze the fingers of cheese a couple of hours. Warm up oil -remember that has to be a good amount of oil and very hot – and fry them. Serve and instead of the classic Marinara sauce, use the Mole Almendrado ready to serve.

If they crave more recipes of snacks, here are several ideas.