Preserved lemons moroccan style

At the request of several persons (Pimpim), here’s the recipe for preserved lemons, lemons that I used in the recipe for lamb Tagine with peas and preserved lemons.

Then you need to :
– 1 kg of lemons (not treated, preferably)
– 200g of salt

We start by thoroughly wash the lemons and then slicing into 4 in the length, taking care not to séprer neighborhoods (basically one notch deeply the flesh of the lemons without cutting the ends).

We put approximately 1 tablespoon of salt inside each lemon and put as in a sealed jar, packing well. It eventually adds the salt that it remains in the jar and cover it with boiling water.

Then it is necessary to let it “macerate” for at least 3 weeks before you start to use it, and don’t worry if a thin white film forms on the surface of the jar.

In moroccan cuisine, these lemons are used in tagines and as a general rule we only use the bark. It is especially necessary to thoroughly wash the preserved lemons before using to remove the salt.