Recipe scrambled Eggs with Mole, Almond, beans, and cheese

There are weekends in which I wake up with fierce cravings, especially of those ingredients as a mole that then I can’t eat so easily during the week, so I clearing the mind and I’m going to the kitchen looking for that there are in the cupboard that complies with my wishes. At home we all have a life quite hectic, I try to have products that last and are tasty for those crazy days of breakfast. These scrambled Eggs with Mole, Almond ice cream and cheese are of those recipes that I make with what is in the cupboard and in a jiffy I am to enjoy them.


  • 6 pieces of egg
  • 6 corn tortillas
  • Oil for frying
  • 1 jar of Mole Almendrado ready to serve Doña Maria
  • 500 gr of panela cheese party in plaid
  • Black beans cooked stews

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In a frying pan put enough oil to fry the tortillas without that they are very golden and reserve on a paper towel absorbent.

Heat up the black beans that need to be stews.

On each plate put a base of beans and tortilla. In the same pan put some more oil and fry the eggs by leaving them in the term that you more and more like them.

Warm the Mole Almendrado Dona Maria Ready To Serve , and to bathe each egg, decorate with the grilled panela cheese and serve.