Restaurant Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Restaurant Lake, the flavors of Italy at the Bellagio

By Elsie Mendez @sabormexico

With the fountains of the Bellagio Hotel as a stage, the new restaurant by famed chef Julian Serrano opens the doors to a new dining experience in Las Vegas with dishes inspired by Italy. To a few days of being inaugurated, I was invited to know, and of course to prove, the wonders that Julian Serrano has created for this space, where the Italian cuisine is the main protagonist of the delicacies, which now adorn the tables of the restaurant Lake.

Restaurant Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Talking with the chef, Julian Serrano, I was able to learn more about the history of how it was conceiving the restaurant Lake, starting by the name, and according to me account, choose it, it took less time than usually needed to be able to take a decision of this needs, in just a couple of months, they all agreed, and a couple of months is very little, believe me, to put according to many people involved in it, let’s say you broke a record with this theme.

Restaurant Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

In terms of the food, Julian inspired him not only in Lake como, that is from where comes the idea of the Fountains at the Bellagio, but in the kitchen that more has called the attention of Italy, the cuisine of Milan. After making several trips to this city, Julian return with a cluster of ideas and concepts to be able to offer traditional dishes that I knew would be to the liking of the thousands of tourists that visit Las Vegas and especially the Bellagio Hotel. “You had to bring a bit of Italy to our tables,” I said.

Restaurant Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

The decoration refers us to the water, of course, if the name is Lake one imagines the colors green-blue that compose it, broad, of day is beautiful, extremely lit, with large windows that allow diners to enjoy the amazing view of the Bellagio Fountains and the Strip. The white color on the walls allows you to highlight the huge boxes and furniture, colors-blue and green aqua. At the entrance to a small area with comfortable armchairs and tables, to enjoy a few drinks, and a high table to share with those who are coming, while waiting for their table. The bar is huge showing not only the spirits, it also includes a few flat screens to entertain us if we are alone, while we take a drink to sit there, in front of this, an entire wall with a movable glass so that we can admire the thousands of bottles, the chef and the sommelier have selected to offer to their guests.

Restaurant Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
Restaurant Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

And while degustábamos one of my wines a favorite of Italy, a region not so popular, it showed me how well studied the theme of the wines of Italy that are part of the cava restaurant Lake; began the parade of dishes and delicacies with which we delight to the palate that night. The wine that I was talking about is a Friulano, the region (Friuli), at the very north of Italy, bordering with Austria and Slovenia, which is recognized for producing the best white wines from all over the country. The Pinot Grigio from the wine cellar Livio felluga wines is one of the most awarded in the region and was the wine with which we were greeted by the chef to start the feast.

Restaurant Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Pinot Grigio Livio felluga wines has a yellow color with reflections of copper, its aroma is intense, harmonious and complex, with notes of clear citrus fruits, apricot and flower of lime, along with notes of candied fruit, honey and biscuits. In the mouth it is soft, long, with a great balance and feel in the palate, the complex aromas with notes of cherries, apple and mango integrated with mineral components elegant and strong.

Bruschetta al pomodoro, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
NDUJA, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

As inputs, a Brushetta al pomodoro and a NDUJA sausage of pork and gorngonzola, the first fresh and crispy, and the delicious taste of the tomato that shows its extraordinary quality, accompanied basil and garlic, just remember it is me makes your mouth water; on the other hand, the pork sausage with gorgonzola, in a combination in which each ingredient blends to give a taste explosion in the mouth.

The Raw, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

The raw (or raw as they come in the letter) is a selection of smoked salmon, calluses of axe and tuna. Salmon, Julian the dressing with capers and crunchy and olive oil, calluses are accompanied with drops of orange and pistaches, and finally the tuna is accompanied with slices of sour orange . Again the quality of the product is outstanding, and feels on the palate the texture and fresh flavor, as if it had come out of the sea a few hours before.

Langonstinos, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

The Shrimp with oil and lemon, something so simple and so full of flavor, the smoky touch of the grill that enriches the flavor of the shrimp, combined with the oil and the lemon was wonderful, a dish so easy and simple, but that allows us to get to those Italian flavors of traditional cuisine.

Gnocchi, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas
Gnocchi, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

The Gnocchi can not miss in a place that is presumed to serve good Italian cuisine, and Julian come, “Alla Romana” and the “7 & 7” with Lobster, very well elaborated, we note that Julian and his kitchen team were working very closely with experts from the Italian kitchen for both recipes are at the height of any restaurant in Italy. The first to come with a creamy sauce and the second with small pieces of lobster tail and shoots, difficult to decide which were better than others, which you choose when you visit you will love them.

Fusillioro Restaurant Lago, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

I get the pasta, a Fusillioro with ragout of lamb and foam of ricotta, the skill of cooking the lamb for long hours to get that ragu that integrates vegetables and meat to create a sauce full of flavor, it will be appreciated in each bite, which we combine with a pasta cooked al dente as it should be.

Agnello Scottadito Restaurant Lago, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

The Agnello Scottadito is a dish very traditional, consisting of lamb chops grilled and rosemary, on a bed of pure, I conquered, and see that I am not very fond of the lamb, and less of night, but these came at a point of cooking that I found very pleasant, soft, perfumed by the rosemary and garlic that adorns.

Costa di Manzo, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

And of course the Costa di Manzo, a short rib cooked in the slow cooker that neither knife needed to cut them, so soft, so smooth, so juicy, bite by bite, the meat is it was disruptive in my mouth and I wanted one more, and so it was, until we saw the end to the dish.

To accompany these last two dishes and the sommelier recommended us a Berardenga Chianti Classico Riserva 1995 100% uva Sangioves. Ruby red with deep intensity and hue. Fruity Aromas, fine and elegant dominated by wild berries, in addition to an array of spicy notes. Fruity on the palate with good tannins and a lingering finish. (a wine!)

Costa di Manzo, Restaurant, Lake, Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

JulianSerrano was one of the first great chefs who believed in The las Vegas, years ago, that opened for the first time Picasso, a signature restaurant in the city to enjoy a Spanish haute cuisine, and today, with all this change that has turned las Vegas into one of the dining destinations more rich than the united States, Julian, as a pioneer, I look at the restaurant Lago, will become with the years, another icon of this city.The parade of desserts was huge, but one that stayed in my thoughts, and heart, was the Dessert of Strawberries, in a single dish, we offer different ways in which the strawberry you can taste from the mousse, the ice cream and small pieces candied. Fresh, not overly sweet, a perfect end to that night.

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