Pig Confit with its crispy skin, pipian verde and a salad of butternut squash and hojs spicy, small restaurant Mayor, The Flavors of Mexico

Restaurant Mayor

By Fabiola de la Source @lafadelafu

The dining scene in Guadalajara is in full evolution. Finally are present (rare but strong) culinary concepts current with culinary skills well honed and innovative proposals.

Mayor is one of them. The formula: ingredient + local temporalities + technique coupled with a comfortable space, without pretensions but with details well cared for, have resulted in a restaurant that in a short time you have open has positioned itself as one of the best of The Pearl.

The place has open space, woods and wines that are quiet in the walls by way of decoration. The elements of recycling such as the lamps made with bottles, old milk can bring a touch of design casual obviously calculated. The open kitchen is a great success, as it underpins that it is not seeking to hide anything. The terrace is the corner most requested, but the interior with a view of the activity in the kitchen is also interesting. A great success of the Mayor is to the personal attention of Luis Mora, one of the partners.

Aguachile of barnacles with apple, red algae and salicornia, Restaurant Mayor, The Flavors of Mexico

The kitchen in charge of chef Francisco Ruano, focuses on seasonal local produce and market. Hence the name of Mayor, which pays homage to the market that the chef had visited as a child along with his mother. Still, what is presented is not cuisine is typically national, but rather a version more european that exhibits flavors and ingredients of mexico.

Each dish displays designs meticulously armed and simple techniques well executed. In terms of taste, there are some amazing deals such as Chips, red snapper and beef Jerky with salsa tatemada and mushroom powder; both made in-house. The products of the sea are bare if perhaps with a dressing of vanilla, ginger and habanero as is the case with the Ceviche of scallop crescent. In terms of entrees, the Suckling pig confit with pipián verde, salad of zucchini and spiced leaves, if well sheltered with a crispy skin and delicious, is having a little in flavor. The short Rib in its own juices with beans and creams, light coriander, sweet onion and bacon, it balances harmoniously the elements of the earth making taste-concentrated and comfortable. Now, if what you want is to try a little of everything, the tasting menu is what is indicated, ask for him.

Cream of squash blossom salad with centoyo and prawn. Restaurant Mayor. The Saboares of Mexico

The sweet part is crowned with indulgent desserts and glorious that refer to the time to the audacity of childhood and to the complexity of adulthood. The ice cream of violets is melted in an explosion of floral, innocent and naughty that provokes to ask for a little more, and the Garden, which includes elements normally foreign to the dessert, such as carrots and cilantro, cause pleasant surprise.

The wine list includes about 80 labels chosen by Antonio Laveaga, a selection of craft beers both domestic and imported, and a compendium of cocktails, well-grateful for the diner hungry for good brews.

Are six-month sentences, of which the Mayor opened its doors, but the evolution has been remarkable. If the trend continues, there is no doubt that this place will become established as a timeless pearl of the jeweler culinary tapatio.

Address: Av Mexico 2903. Guadalajara, Jalisco
Phone: (33) 3615 7400