Rod “small boat” with the cheese and eggs

Regularly, I wonder if such-and-such “recipe” should be included on this blog. I think that some really have no interest, that all the world should have the same or almost, it does not add much to the readers. And then sometimes, the children ask me, “tell how you did to make such a recipe ?” or when friends ask me for ideas to recycle the contents of their cupboards or fridge. It is often at this time that I think that finally, these recipes blown off would have had their place here. After all, the purpose of this blog has never been to suggest that extraordinary things but rather to be a little my memory of the book of recipes and ideas in which everyone can draw and I like to believe that my readers are like me : people who do not take the lead, who are not snobs in the kitchen and food in general, and readily admit that, in daily life, they are mostly of the fast food, assembly, that pleases their relatives/friends even if they are able to put the small dishes in the large, when it is needed.

In short, it is so like it that this recipe that entertains the children finally arrived here. As for this famous cake, they will be able to stop me to ask how to do and will come directly here.

This “recipe” has seen the light of day on a Friday evening without an agenda : there is nothing in particular to do this evening, evening, “one gland in front of the TV” and especially “damn we haven’t done the races”. It was so drawn into this that we had to concoter something to eat without fuss. And the advantage of this preparation is that we can put what we want : easy, cheap and anti-waste. What else ?

  • Demi-baguette (or baguette, cut into large chunks)(even a little stale, it’s perfect)
  • Ham, white chicken or turkey, etc
  • Fresh cheese
  • Grated cheese
  • Eggs
  • Salt, pepper, herbs

Start by cutting the top sections of baguette or demi-baguette (careful not to leave a “wall” of side 2 if one uses sections of the chopsticks) and remove the crumb. Spread the furrow dug fresh cheese, plain or flavoured (here we have a weakness for cheese whipped Madame Loïk).


Add strips of ham or white turkey/chicken, cover with grated cheese and crack one or 2 eggs (depending on the size of the section of the wand), add salt and pepper according to taste.

Bake in the oven preheated to 180° a small ten minute : the cheese should be melted, the egg white should have caught.
Serve after having sprinkled some of the herbs finely chopped on the top, being careful if you eat in front of the tv : yellow to yellow flowing can be a little treacherous …

Ideally, it will serve these small boats with a nice little green salad to give oneself a good conscience. Or not.