San Miguel Food Festival. Gastronomy, music and art in the same space

By Elsie Mendez @sabormexico

The Third edition of the San Miguel de Allende Food Festival is ready to welcome lovers of good food, drink and live, in addition of great chefs, to enjoy days filled with outstanding cuisine, music and art. This magnificent event is a gastronomic and cultural will be held from 30 June to 2 July in the Club Otomi of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

Attendees to this event can enjoy lunch and dinner in which the chefs invited to the event, will create dishes that will make us live a unique experience, as the so-called “Chef’s Table” which will be presented in spaces operated by local artists, creating an environment unrepeatable and unique each day, with menus consisting of 5 or 6 chefs.

The flavors of the world will be present thanks to the delicacies prepared by recognized international chefs such as: Chef Duff Goldman, a pastry chef recognized worldwide for its establishment Charm City Cakes, delicious cakes, and for his tv show; the Chef Carlos Gaytán, the first celebrated chef with the Michelin star (2013): Raphael Lunneta, creator of the restaurant JiRaffe, in Santa Monica, California; as well as Evan Mallet, of the united States, who is recognized for his restaurant the Black Trumpet in New Hampshire

From Mexico will reach great talents: the Chef Eduardo Moralí of restaurant Eloise; Chef Gabriel Rodriguez, Maximo Bistrot; Juantxo Sanchez, Aquiles Chavez, Antonio De Livier, Guy Santoro, Francisco Ruano, Dante Ferrero and Tomás Bermúdez, among many others.

During the Friday, June 3 in the Table Opening will participate: Monica Sólis, Santi Aleck Pirsh (Young promise with 14 years of age), Laura Buccheri (The Kitchen of Aphrodite); Cesar Castañeda (Condesa DF); Ulises Márquez (Xanath). Table Opening by Lupita Vidal (La Cevichería), Jorge Pérez Luque (Admiral), Armando Acosta (Salma), Paco Cubillas (Hotel Meson de la Merced) Alan Carias (Stroke), Viridiana Guadarrama (CentAnni).

That same Friday there will be a Cooking Show of Aaron Mizrahi, ambassador of Creekstone Farms. Will also be a Table of Cooks Traditional: Consuelito Velázquez (Comonfort), Ana Maria Soto (The Grandfather), Nelly Morillo (Kitchen Chontal), Ball, Ramirez (Banquet Marcela), Ana Karen Hernández (Most Café de Tacuba), Martha Angel (Most The Flavors of San Cristobal).

And finally a table is exotic, formed by Darren Walsh (Lulla Bistro); Josy Treizman (BaBite); Anahid Korkor (Korkor Catering); Lucy Noriega (Lucilla); and Sophia Antillon (Nomad).

For Saturday, the Dish of the day will be the creation of Emilia Prats Banquet facilities. And the Botanero SMAFF will be courtesy of Chef Antonio De Livier (Wines, Spirits). There will also be Oysters in their shell by chef Irene Palma (Búi).

The first Chef’s Table will be with Rodrigo Reyes (Northern Tip); Gonzalo Martinez (Fifteen Rooftop); Guillermo Gomez (Esperanza los Cabos); Margarita Carrillo (Ambassador of Mexican Cuisine SRE), Fernanda Covarrubias (The Postrería).

The Second Table will be in honor of the 475 years of the Foundation of San Miguel de Allende will be made up by the Chefs: Erick Red (Terrace 15), Dante Ferrero (Alode), Jose Hernandez (Yokotan), Gonzalo Urbina (La Galerie), Guillermo Gonzalez (UDLAP).

The Cooking Show will be courtesy of renowned Spanish Chef Juantxo Sanchez. While the Table in the Iron Skillet will be composed by Francisco Ruano (Mayor); Thomas Bermudez (The Dozen); Aaron Mizrahi (Creekstone Farms), and Donnie Masterton of The Restaurant).

While Dinner is simmering will be cooked by Guy Santoro (Almara); the u.s. Evan Mallet, Black Trumpet) and chef Marcela Bolaño (Marsala), plus two Chefs surprise.

Finally, on Sunday, the closure will be in charge of the Cooking Show by Chef Aquiles Chavéz (Sotero). In addition to brunch, special cooked by Patrick Tirand (The Delights of San Cristobal), Julieta Aguilar Herrera (BaBite), Jorge Obregón (Crown Plaza León), Sofia Sahagun (Las Delicias (San Cristóbal), Vera Kkrolenok (Veriniort), Luis Muñoz (Penzi), Zajar Campos Torres (Editorial Kitchen), Guillermo Gonzalez (UDLAP), Gonzalo Urbina (La Galerie), Sophia Antillon (Nomad), James Duarte Rojas (Takum), Aristides Barreda (Sintripio) and all the other chefs.

In addition to the dining experience, in the San Miguel de Allende Food Festival, there will be plenty of music to enjoy, the Friday you’ll be glad with the presence of Saoco and The Reabetas. Saturday will be Makupa, Joseán Log, Aveparadiso, Fito Delgado and Timothy Brownie, and the closing Sunday will be in charge of Musick Brothers.

The international art will have a special place in the SMAFF, counting with the presence of works by: Picasso, Andy Warhol and Basquiat, thanks to the participation of the gallery owner Scot Foreman.


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