Sausage, chocolate, the weapon anti-regime

It’s been years that I do have sausages in the chocolate. Since the year in which I offered as gifts-gourmet-for-one “apéro holiday” trompe l’oeil : syrup tagada instead of the cocktail, alcohol, sausage, chocolate instead of the classic sauciflard, etc., The idea was well liked and since I in fact regularly in the snacks in the house but yet I have never shared this rcette with you on this blog.

Then in the beginning of the month of January, at a time when many will offer recipes detox, recipes to find the line after the holidays, or recipes to make a break with these days the rich, here this will not be the case. As in recent years, we have not abused the good things during the holiday season, we have not done to excess then we have no reason to put us in the system !

Place the sausage in the chocolate, which was on our table for a taste of yesterday with good little shortbread peanut butter and a dark chocolate moist, perfectly perfect.

The recipe is not from me but Khala and her date a few years ago. Like all the recipes from her blog, we can go there with closed eyes. Moreover, I propose to start a petition for it to be back to blog as well and sharing with us his latest achievements. Not ?

In any case, this recipe is perfect, I tested it with different kinds of chocolate and you can vary the quantities and types of chocolate depending on whether you wanted a version more or less sweet. This time, I have remained faithful to the original recipe Khala :

  • 150g dark chocolate
  • 100g of pralinoise®


    200 g sweetened condensed milk

  • 60g hazelnuts


    5 biscuits Petit Beurre

  • 3 small meringues (replaced by a small handful of mini marshmallows)

Torrefier the hazelnuts in a frying pan, stirring régulèrement. Enclose them in a tea towel clean and then crush them quickly in the tea towels with a rolling pastry.
Melt the chocolate in microwave in increments of 30 seconds, mixing each time. Add the condensed milk, hazelnuts and biscuits broken into small pieces and the mini marshmallows. Mix all the ingredients to have a homogeneous preparation, and then pour everything into a food film.
Spread the preparation in the film and then lock it into the film, giving it the form of a roll and let stand in a cool place for 3 hours. Here it is made always the day before for the next day and it is perfect.

Once cold, remove the film and sprinkle the sausage of icing sugar on all sides and then cut it into thin slices before serving.


This sausage makes its small effect each time just before being devoured.

Until the next recipe or the next good plan, I wish you a beautiful and happy year 2016 !