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Save together the Popcorn Mexican

Do you know what the pigeons are a food is 100% mexican? Few people know that popcorn originated in Mexico, being one of the contributions of gastronomic most popular that we provide to the world. Today they sell popcorn in movie theaters around the planet, in addition to being one of the snack favorite of millions of people.

The palomeros, are the most ancient of the maize, being essential for the start of agriculture and the settlement of the first settlers of America. This is because one of the first ways you began the consumption of the corn was popping its grain to the heat of the fire, long before they made their appearance the vessels in which to boil the corn for making tamales or tortillas.

Even despite its historical importance, and botany, the corn palomeros, mexicans are in serious danger of extinction. According to data from the SIAVI* and the SIAP* 99% of the popcorn consumed in our country are imported, resulting in extremely difficult to find peasants to continue sowing the maize ancestral. In Mexico, there are 59 races of maize and of these, only seven have the power to explode and form the popcorn.

Sowing and reaping popcorn

Organization Corn Tortilla Mexican took the determination to prevent the extinction of the corn palomeros, mexican, for which it is required to find seeds and return them to the earth. We chose to start with the Popcorn Toluqueño, for being one of the corns oldest and most important historical, and biological. Unfortunately it was not possible to find any producer who will continue to sown, which confirmed the need for immediate action. He turned to banks of seeds of such institutions as CIMMYT* and the COLPOS* those who offered help to start the sowing of a field destined to the rescue of the popcorn. They sowed seeds that took up to 70 years frozen. Today Organization Corn Tortilla Mexican confirms and presents its first successful harvest of popcorn. Are 27 different types of corn were planted, among which we will select the best popcorn they produce. This harvest allows you to increase ten times the amount of seed that you may sow the following year, which may invite new producers to participate in production of popcorn mexican.

Without corn and without producers, there can be no rescue. Yet despite having achieved a first harvest, the number of seeds and the diversity of the same is quite limited. To achieve a true rescue it is necessary to seek out those producers who have retained the corn palomeros, and you continue sowing. It is required to conduct an expedition in which a group of experts to traverse areas of our country where there is a greater likelihood of finding these corns. You will establish contact with farmers and various actors in the rural milieu with the hope of finding someone who has preserved the popcorn ancestral. The find will increase the number of seeds available, as well as to know the techniques and ancestral knowledge through which mexican farmers have cultivated the fields of maize, palomeros for thousands of years.

Mexico must regain its food sovereignty in corn. According to information from SIAP in 2015 Mexico occurred only 788 tons of popcorn, having to import from the united States and Argentina 79,108 tonnes of popcorn. There is a great opportunity to boost national production, create jobs, and regain the sovereignty of popcorn. It requires that the society, the industries of the cinema and snacks, as well as SAGARPA show the interest to do so.

How can you help?

Enter to the page of Kickstarter Mexico where you can make a donation to continue the work of rescue of popcorn and carry out the expedition in search of producers ancestral. Supports spreading the serious state of the popcorn mexican and encourages the consumption of foods of mexican origin.

Find out more about the work of Organization Omelette on your page: https://www.facebook.com/tortillademaizmexicana/

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