Small chocolate creams in 2 time, 3 movements and 1 Companion

I love the tea parties with girlfriends. I in fact regularly at home and each time it is an opportunity to draw up a nice table, to prepare, full of good things and have a good time. The last tasting takes place Saturday and for the occasion I unsheathed the Cuisine Companion Moulinex, freshly arrived in my kitchen and I prepared these little cream on Friday night for the taste of the next day (at the same time that these squares in the peanut butter ultra-calorie but super good).

Kitchen Companion is the all-new robot cooker from Moulinex. After the Cookeo of which I spoke to you here, here is his big brother, who not only cook. Kitchen Companion knows how to do everything : he kneads, he axe, he mixes, he cut, he cooked, steamed, cook, etc, in Short, he knows how to do everything from starters to dessert ! I’ll talk about that in more detail in a future post but here is already the beast :

Friday night, I was able to fully test the benefits and understand the value of this kind of device. After a night in my friend Anne (who was supposed to just be a tea for the goputer) and a return to the house to 23, it didn’t take me more than 20 minutes to prepare 2 dishes served at the taste : cream chocolate dessert in the Companion and the zebra cake to the side while Companion was working all alone.

To achieve these small creams, it is enough to put 90 g of chocolate, 2 eggs, 15 g of bitter cocoa, 70 g sugar, 500 ml of skimmed milk and 1 tsp of Cornflour in the bowl of a robot equipped with the drummer, to start the program cream dessert at 90°C, speed 6 for 10 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, it is then enough to fill the jar and let stand in a cool place for 4 hours (1 night for me). It adds that little trick that makes the difference on the top (here broken speculos) before serving and enjoy.

It is too strong this robot cooker ? In reality, Companion it is a little bit like our friend in the daily life, the one who is going to tell us “leave, I’ll deal with it” when you ask how to touiller the risotto while running the bath to small and making revise the tables of multiplication of the medium (the large is almost big enough to manage alone if we repeat it to him regularly what he should do). Therefore, the Companion will be in charge of the risotto and we will no longer have to sit at the edge of the tub to watch the little and scream “7×9 ?” from the bathroom to the one who remained in front of his notebooks.
And that Companion can do every day, without meaning to tell you in return “and that is what we said ?” or without “yes, but yesterday it was I who prepared the dinner”, and by varying the dishes : he kneaded the pizza dough, he prepares a creamy polenta, it cooks the chicken with mushrooms, he prepares a soup with what they are offered, etc, What more to ask ?

His little name of a Companion is found non ?
Go, I’ll talk to you very soon with a full menu and more info on Companion.