Small puffs windmill

Last week, for the taste of children, we have improvised some small pastries in the shape of a windmill, topped with nutella. The photo on instagram was clearly enjoyed and you were several to ask me a little tutorial to achieve it. I take what I can again put pictures on the blog to return with these famous pastries “Windmills”.

To make these little puffs, it’s very simple, you need to :

  • a puff pastry square or rectangular in shape, it is easier
  • a cookie-cutter square (it is faster but it is optional)
  • a knife

Unroll the puff pastry (I used the dough ractangulaire Herta, this is the perfect size) and cut out as many square as possible (small or large according to the size you want).

Cut each corner of the square diagonally, without going up to the middle of the square, the center should remain intact and not cut as it will lay the trim.

Remove the trim of his choice at the centre of the square (the first was the Nutella, these are for the fig jam), then fold one of the side cutouts towards the center (see the picture). Then, fold one edge on two, towards the center to form the mill. Press the center to adhere the dough. The photos are more telling :

You then just need to place these windmills on a rack in oven, preheat oven, brush the small mills of foil and bake for 20 minutes baking at 180°C.

A few little tips to finish :

  • Stand the center of the mills with a piece of almond tapered, it is simple and effective
  • Present your pastries on peaks in wood for a true rendering “windmill”.
  • Vary the filling to make savory versions and sweet.