Mashed potatoes

The 10 mistakes that we make while trying to make mashed potatoes perfect

For the day of thanksgiving or for the holidays of Christmas and new year, the mashed potatoes is one of the dishes traditional to accompany many of the dishes that are prepared for these dates so special. Stacked up in a glorious display of showmanship, we like to think that their beauty is generous, is a metaphor of the richness of life. (Or something like that.) Mashed potatoes (potatoes) proof that the humble potato, with a great job can accomplish with big dreams of cooking, and can get up and become a bright beacon of success.

But in reality, the mashed potatoes is one of the 3 things to look forward to with the greatest interest in these dinners and meetings at the table of these celebrations. And though mashed potatoes seem simple, in reality it is something that requires a very meticulous, and surprisingly easy to destroy when there is not well prepared to our plate.

Below I present to you the 10 top mistakes people make when preparing mashed potatoes, and some tips on how to avoid them .On these dates your family and friends will enjoy the best mashed potatoes in history!

The mashed potatoes, the world’s largest

Error # 1: Using the wrong type of potatoes suitable

Of the three types of potatoes (starchy, waxy and all-purpose), we must select varieties that contain more starchy (Russet) or all-purpose (Yukon Gold). We must NEVER use potatoes waxy (i.e. bliss red, fingerling, etc) The potatoes with the starch is desvaratan better, which results in a puree creamy.

Mistake # 2: Not cutting the potatoes into pieces of equal size.

The potatoes will cook at the same speed if they are of different sizes, that is to say, the larger pieces were more raw, while the smaller pieces will be cooked well. What this causes is that we don’t have a mashed creamy. Start with cold water, attach it to a simmer and cook the potatoes until they are all cooked evenly. (There are people who say that they shouldn’t even peel or cut the potatoes before adding them to the water to cook them, but definitely this is not a method so that they are cooked evenly)

Mistake # 3: they Are on baking potatoes

The potatoes over-cooked, are mealy, and therefore not rich. Potatoes over cooked not allow you to make a smooth puree. You can check if they are cooked by passing a sharp knife to peel through the potatoes without any resistance.

Mistake # 4: Using a food processor, blender, immersion blender, or hand blender

THIS IS IMPORTANT: potatoes are full of starch, and starch does not like who mistreat. When the starch is on the handles or place it in a processor or blender and grind this way for too long, it breaks down and collapses. Imagine what happens to your fingers when he gets the cuffs when you have an attack of rage, that is basically what happens with the starch of the potato when mixed too. Instead of using one of the tools mentioned above (which are of great power and will that the potatoes are over worked), we suggest to use a special tool such as the jarring of the hand, or crushed potatoes.

Mistake # 5: they Are on mixed potatoes

Even if you use the potato masher manual, it is possible to overwork the potatoes. When you going to mix the cream, milk, or butter, biting back gently until the ingredients are combined. There is No need to work in your mashed potatoes to the death. Otherwise eat paste do you remember?


Mistake # 6: you Are using butter and cream cold

Having these ingredients at room temperature helps them blend in and be absorbed better into the hot potatoes, and also decreases the risk of on mix.

Mistake # 7: you Have added too much liquid

You can add a little cream or milk (according to your recipe), but don’t turn the mashed potatoes into potato soup. The only way to un-do this is to add more hot potatoes, which without doubt is not going to be on hand during the craziness of the day of thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year’s or for when you want to get him / her ready.

Mistake # 8: you have Not added enough butter

The famous recipe of mashed potatoes from Joel Robuchon uses a ratio of 2:1 potato to butter, so that means that for every kilo of potatoes, use a half a kilo of butter. I have been witness to the exquisite taste of your mashed potatoes since I have eaten on several occasions at several of its restaurants. It is perfectly balanced and perfectly heavenly. In case of doubt, add more butter.

Pure de joel robuchon

Mistake # 9: you have Not used enough salt

All the potatoes and butter in the world will know desabridas if not seasoned with enough salt. When you are preparing and begin to mix (what if you remember that you should not over mix it truth?), try it out and adjust the levels of salt until they are to your taste. The amount of salt will vary obviously for all tastes.

Mistake # 10: Dried mashed

Is good (but not optimal) to make the mashed potatoes ahead of time, but once you have cooled the reheating must do it in bath of preference to that does not dry out and add a little more cream and butter (preferably the last that never have enough)