The best chocolate in Mexico

By Elsie Mendez

Love and chocolate have always been united, clear example is the legend of how the cocoa was a gift from the God Quetzalcoatl to the men who inhabited Mesoamerica. Over the years, this treasury dark and sweet, has been a part of celebrations as the 14 February, the day of the mothers, the birth of a baby, not to mention the restaurants that use it as their grand final, or specialty shops such as chocolate shops in Mexico that offer pieces almost of collection.

Giving away chocolate is something that has become something more than a box with cherries covered and sticky melosas, today most people are looking to the best chocolate on the inside and the outside, the people have in mind to give away a true work of art that you can also eat.

To make your life easier in the pursuit of that shop or boutique that allows them to acquire that jewel with heart of cocoa, we present which for us are the best chocolate shops in Mexico.

Tout Chocolat

My favorite and at the top of the list (your servant is allowed to this because I am who I write, and I confess huge fan of this chocolate shop). Chef Luis Robledo this to the front of this chocolate shop that, for over 6 years and offers parts and morsels worthy of even the most demanding palates and experts in the art of chocolate.

Luis has been a winner of countless awards and an ambassador of recognized and reputed international brands due to its detailed and exquisite work that you can admire and, above all, taste, in his shop located in the colonia condesa: Tout Chocolat.

Experience in your store is like a trip around the world, because they are many countries where Luis gets the cocoa after the same processes to be able to create such jewelry sweet and beautiful, placed in the display cases so that our eyes dance from one side to the other observing, while our brain goes mad for not being able to make a final decision without leaving with pounds and pounds of boxes of chocolates and our portfolio skinny and without more credit to the rest of the month.

In addition to chocolates, Luis prepares delicious bakery and pastry. To my everything I love in that store, and there’s no way they’re wrong in what you choose so go with the confidence that what they give will be welcomed and will receive a lot of recognition in the detail.

Address: Amsterdam 154, Hipódromo, 06100 Mexico City CDMX

Phone: 55 5211 9840


The chocolatier in charge and owner of Dolcenero is Mauricio Montiel, talented as the one. His works of art make us discuss to eat them or leave them in the display case or the center table of the room, because many of them can be really impressive. If there is something that can be called art in chocolate, without a doubt Dolcenero deserves all the palms.

Their creations are based on the obsession that Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró were the shape of the egg as the basis of development of their designs in chocolate. Chocolates, Hidden, Eggs, and Sculptures are the four lines that handle that you will take a good time in order to decide which will be the chosen one for that gift so special.

Mau you can also create exclusive pieces if they so wish, so that they can contact you and see that comes out of your cute and creative head to leave them happy in you and who has the luck to receive such a beautiful work.



Who does not know the famous José Ramón Castillo possessor of one of smiles most beautiful and tender of all the chefs of Mexico? Famous for his tv shows, this mexican talent has been worthy of major international awards for his work with the chocolate.

Their shops are THAT BO! they are like toy stores in addition to chocolate for the fun designs you create for each season. But in addition, of the forms, Josera (as we say of affection nearby) creates flavors that have even disappeared as the gum Specks of Banana – if you do not have more than 30 hardly know what we mean -but also flavors that are reminiscent of dishes as emblematic of the mexican cuisine like mole.

Come prepared to not only buy good chocolate, you also eat one another while selecting iran inside the box to gift, and if you can, do not stop taking a good cup of hot chocolate or any of the drinks that provides with cocoa.

The chocolate of THAT BO! it is 100% mexican.


LAtelier Du Chocolat

This exclusive boutique chocolates is like a pharmacy where one is on that medication that you need for just the right moment that is living, either of happiness or even sadness, because in this store create chocolates for each specific situation in which the emotions set our moods, and they offer that perfect combination for that moment, situation or emotion.

Their creations come in many forms, bears, roses, rabbits, etc, If you go to this store to schedule a couple of hours because it will take time to be able to decide. Well, it is so diverse and exotic, its offer up food pairings and combinations with dishes, savoury and sweet, offered to you to be able to create something unparalleled for the person who will be the lucky person to receive such a delicious gift.

In addition to chocolates in Latelier Du Chocolat have other delicacies that can complement that present so special.



We cannot leave out this classic chocolate mexican who has years in the market and has been the faithful companion and ally of cravings, gifts, and an accomplice of unforgettable moments for many mexicans. Arnoldi is like part of the family for many.

This chocolate shop offers chocolates with cocoa is 100% mexican and in addition rich chocolates also offers cookies, cakes, pastries and other rich treats for those in search of something sweet to share or give away for a reason or not special.

They have 12 stores in Mexico city and 8 in Guadalajara and I guarantee that whoever receives this box of flower colors will have a big smile and feel a hug in the heart when you receive and enjoy these chocolates.