Wines for the summer

The best wines for the summer

By Elsie Mendez @sabormexico

The summer always reminds us of holidays, days of freedom and fun, but also come moments of enjoyment gourmet dishes with seasonal ingredients, and of course, the wines. For those evenings among friends, with family, or even alone, enjoying the rich evening on the terrace, from the rustic, red-spiced up the versatile pinks, there is always a wine that is tailored best to their palates and tastes.

To create this note with the best wines for the summer, I asked my gurus of the wine (importers, distributors, sommeliers and experts) that will help me create a list with three different types of wine that were the most agradaran for the summer, no one better than them to recommend what to fill up with pleasure our palate for this season.

Wines of boutique wineries for the summer

Domaine Ott Rosé Romassan

My admired and dear friend, the expert and renowned sommelier, Sandra Fernandez, we recommend the Domaine Ott Rose, recognized as the best rosé in the world and who is also the author wine. I remember a few years ago I fell in love with this wine and always have it in my cellar ready to enjoy it on the first day of summer. The Domaine Ott Rosé Romassan has a beautiful color salmon, with aromas of perfumes, refined citrus and peach and in mouth it is round, persistent, delicate and with hints of peach and apricot. It is composed of grapes 55% Mourvèdre, 30% Cinsault and 15% Grenache.

Came Outburst of Pijoan

Sophie Avernin, the owner of the company Great Vineyards of France, to whom also I admire and with whom I enjoy myself tremendously every time I’m with her, we recommended that, for this category, a mexican wine, Rapture of Pau Pijoan, composed of Petit Syrah, Chenin and Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a wonderful wine to them will delight the palate with its excellent structure and balance, with a pleasant finish and a hint of sweetness. On the nose it has a frutalidad marked, predominantly, raspberry, black currant and vanilla, as well as notes of roasted product of the aging in barrels.

Stella, Wine Cellar, Sky, Baja California

The expert and gorgeous sommelier Georgina Estrada, from whom I always learn something and your talk is interesting, also selected a mexican wine from the cellar The Sky, Stella, a wine that highlights the freshness and youthfulness of the grapes from the Guadalupe Valley. Made with 60% Grenache and 40% Nebbiolo, Stella has a lovely, color light red, with scents of fresh notes of raspberries, blueberries and cherries. Is vinifica as white; hence, the acidity and freshness that is felt in the mouth and like its tannins.

wine Bla, bla, bla, from the bodega Terra of Falanais

My beloved Andres Love, chef and sommelier, recommends the wine Bla, bla, bla, of the winery Terra de Falanais, and she tells me Andres, this wine is most extraordinary (in fact described him with other words I cannot put here hahahaha). This came with a name so cute, this produced 100% grape premsal, color bright and clean, with floral aromas, white fruit and notes of spices and citrus, fresh, elegant and structured.

The versatile pink

Pink Cvne

With the lovely Daniela Salgado from the winery Cvne, I tried a pink hottie that just had just come to Mexico. The Pink Cvne has a strawberry red color, and an aromatic intensity of red fruits, highlighting the pleasant aroma of liquorice, which is characteristic of the tempranillo grape. In the mouth it is unctuous and balanced, and the sensations of smell are prolonged in the palate, pleasing, and delicate.

Enate Rosado, DO Somontano

For its part, Georgina Estrada was selected for this list the Enate Rosado, one of my favorites, as well as for her. Enate Rosado of the Denomination of Origin Somontano, which I will discuss in a note on this blog, is elaborated with grapes 100% Tempranillo. On the nose is extremely intense and fruity which highlight the aromas of blueberry, raspberry and bell pepper. In the mouth has a attack, meaty and full. Its balanced acidity makes it a wine that is agile and alive and evolves in the palate of magnificent form, with a long aftertaste and tasty.

J. L. quinson laugh Côtes de Provence

Sophie Avernin, as a good French, she loves pink, and for summer we recommend the J. L. quinson laugh Côtes de Provence, who, as she says (and I agree), it is the maximum! It is one of my favorites to enjoy on a summer evening on the terrace of a restaurant or at home, surrounded by friends and family. It is more than perfect for this season. Its tones are asalmonados, a wine that is very fresh with notes of strawberry, peach and apricot on the nose. In the mouth shows notes of fruits such as grapefruit, dry, with very good acidity. A light wine which one can be taken several bottles.

Sergio Rosé “MO” winery Mionetto

To Andrew Love, one that should not be missing in the list of pink for the summer is the Pink Sparkling wine Sergio Rosé “MO” of the winery Mionetto. Bright with notes of pink and flashes of purple. Its aroma is reminiscent of fruit like pink grapefruit, raspberry, blueberry, with vague notes of wild rose. In the mouth the taste is intense, with acidity fair, balanced, fresh, and notes of raspberry. I love to start meals with this wine.

The Red wines for summer

DDO Pinot Noir winery Domanine Drouhin

Sandra Fernandez is a lover of the Pinot Noir grapes as a servant, and for this season we recommend the DDO Pinot Noir from the winery Domanine Drouhin Oregon. Harvest 2013 is full of vigor, a fresh wine with excellent fruit and acidity. Its aromas remind us of fruits freshly cut strawberries, apricot and citrus fruits. The flavors are bright on the palate leading to a final classic, vibrant.

wine Muac, from the bodega Terra of Falanais

With your recommendation, Andrew Love takes us to Mallorca with the MUAC of Terra de Falanis. Made with 35% Callet, 35% Manto Negre and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. MUAC is a wine that is very mediterranean, with a color clean, bright, middle layer, with aromas of subtle fruit and spicy notes, the palate is elegant and balanced with tannins well integrated and a feeling of freshness.

Wine Orion, Cellar In The Sky

Georgina Estrada says that the Orion from the cellar The Sky, if I was a man, it would be a treintón, good-looking, and very corpulent, What a such! with that description I took the entire production. Orion this is elaborated with grapes Tempranillo (75%), Grenache (20%) and Merlot (5%). Of intense red colour and shades of teal. In the nose stands out the fruits of the forest ripe with spicy notes and tones of smoke. The palate has a soft entry, fine tannins and smooth, with a hint of sweetness, aftertaste lasting and long finish.

Teofilo Reyes Crianza

Sophie Avernin and I have shared countless times the Teofilo Reyes Crianza, It’s Sensational! (here would be another word that Sophie uses to describe it, but, let’s say that sensational is similar to that she says, hahaha). From the DO Ribera del Duero, Teofilo Reyes is clean, high layer, of a beautiful cherry red colour, bright. On the nose, its intensity is high with a fruity character (fruits of the forest, compotados, roasted, vanilla). In the mouth it is powerful, balanced with polished tannins. Very good in truth.

Imperial Gran Reserva Cvne

The Imperial Gran Reserva from Cvne, is the favorite of Daniela Salgado. Of intense garnet color with a cherry, the Imperial Gran Reserva is a wine of great complexity and quality aromatic, in which they emphasize the aromas of fruit compote, liquorice, and those arising from ageing, such as spicy aromas and balsamic. There are also light vanilla, toffees and chocolates. His step by the palate is nice and silky with a personality marked by the finesse of the tannin. All this, together with a finish which displays the aromas present in the nose, it gives as a result an elegant wine

And well, that excuses, we will not lack to enjoy these wines, which are also very accessible in price and their quality is second to none. The summer brings with delicious afternoons and nights which we will be able to harmonize with all of them, as I said, that reason to open a good bottle of wine, always orange).