The Broadmoor. The flavors of 99 years of greatness.

By: Carlos Dragonné

Sunrise in Colorado Springs and the sun barely illuminates the lake built, which divided the towers of guest rooms in the hotel. The mist has given way to the rays that remind us that we have many things to do and that, before anything else, what is needed is to have breakfast. Just a night before they took us for a culinary tour of Italy with authentic flavors and a care for the ingredients and the recipes that left me floating and thanking the luck of these voyages were commanded by a chef who mastered his art. It is time to breathe new scents. It is time to open your eyes and begin to understand the greatness of the place in which we are. Welcome to Colorado Springs. Welcome to The Broadmoor.

Awake in a room that I could forget that I have membership in other lands if you promise me that I can open the eyes here all day. As a romantic comedy white of the 50’s, I open the curtains to see the sun hit the front in the mountain and remind me that today is a day of adventure different. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is already across the room, turned around and next to the coffee pot, I see to it, that an accomplice of travel and so many other things that today I won the race to the alarm clock. His look says it all: there is much to discover in a property that stands pride for 99 years in this city.

The tables are to be shared with dear people and this morning as I filled the forces with a coffee, a croissant, bacon and a bagel in Lake Terrace, talk with Cassidy Boone about the stories and the stories of the place and what you can live with looking for a whole experience, not only in The Broadmoor , but in the properties other as the Fly Fishing Camp and The Ranch at Emerald Valley. Cassidy makes us laugh, guide us through the history of the hotel, tells us his personal experiences in previous trips, and encloses it all in a phrase that we have repeated to us since we arrived: each time it arrives here is like a dream. To Me it’s plain to see, at that time, that we have just won a new friend with whom to share stories. Today will be a few days in Colorado Springs, but I imagine that we will do what is for sharing in new lands.

And is that to travel you need to open your mind and your eyes to the learning opportunities that will pose new territories, cities, and different places, cultures and activities that you don’t have in a normal manner. Traveling is, as we’ve always said, the best way to learn and grow. There is No way possible to be someone without growth and, from my point of view, there is no growth without the distance of the home, without the travel that you fill the mind of miles driven but, above all, of miles to go.

When I was growing up, one of the images I had in mind was Tom Skeritt and Brad Pitt in a movie called A River Runs Through It in which a significant part of the development of the characters are those moments in the river of Montana, making fly-fishing. There and therefore create conflicts. But also there are the resolutions and redemptions. This is why I’ve always had this romance with the idea of fishing in the middle of the river. Although on this occasion I was not able to do so because, as I said, for that is Fly Fishing Camp, in The Broadmoor itself is an activity to learn to do this, to fish for trout with fly, so that would be my first stop in the day.

Here is that I know part of what the hotel offers to its guests, depending on the type of traveler that you are, because in the middle of the nature is necesarísimo offer a range of outdoor activities ranging from mountain biking to falconry, if yours is to be in contact out. Now that if what they want is to take advantage of the luxury of the resort, there are two golf courses with extraordinary designs, one of which will receive the US Senior Open next year to start the celebrations of the centenary of The Broadmoor. Or well, a career in giving a couple of laps of the lake and then get to the spa, relax your body with a massage or a beauty treatment and, after, fall in the indulgence of the different places.

I would like to reflect a little on this, because one of the great challenges of properties of this size is to maintain a constant quality in all outputs of the gastronomic area. But if to this we add what would seem to a whim -one more, within the legacy of eccentricities in The Broadmoor converted into goals and philosophy of Spencer Penrose – in to places. How many times I have told them that the bread of the restaurants is the first sample of the care in the kitchen? Well, each one of the restaurants that has this magnificent property has a different type of bakery which go according to the culinary concept. Whether the inheritance deeply Italian Ristorante on the Lake or the concept of the steakhouse of The Taverne, any table you choose to close your night or start your afternoon will give them a different form of welcome through this element that is sometimes forgotten but always important part of the experience of arrival.

Then, what is the best place of all to be enjoyed in The Broadmoor? The answer to this can be almost as complicated as putting together the forces to make the suitcase in and out of the property to return to the normal life. On the one hand, Ristorante del Lago has been an extraordinary experience, both at dinner as at breakfast. The perfect ingredient and brought in its entirety from Italy who ends up transformed into a paste that you fall in love with the simplicity of a pasta cooked to perfection or a risotto that makes even the most skeptical will devour. In addition, a breakfast that may include a Fritatta to taste cooked in the stone oven is almost insurmountable, or a selection of cold meats and cheeses of various Italian regions is also a candidate for the winner of the trip.

However, we would have to put a rating system and here we will fall victims of the permanent confusion between what has already been described and, for example, a dinner in The Taverne that you have to start with a cocktail, flagship of the hotel to make space for what is, without doubt, one of the invasions of protein most interesting of our trips. The Taverne will caters with a bar of stunning seafood where every product is sustainable and a menu of cuts USDA Prime from local farms cooked in a point of perfection is reached after many years of being behind a grill.

Then, just when I want to think of a winner, I remember the malted flavor Cake with bourbon that I enjoyed a while the challenge by the remote control that I told you in a previous article was the case in the runs of the bowling of Play at The Broadmoor and those Nachos with White Sauce and Cheese and the Burger of Buffalo that followed him at the Restaurant 1858 in Seven Falls, and I confess useless to decide, completely overtaken by the flavors of several days in a hotel, I insist, it is an experience that will leave a mark in the passport of memories.

I come then to the room. Night and exhausted from tours and dinners, with the stomach tenderness by the amount of laughter, with the aromas of all the day cruzándome the memory and feet wanting to continue to ride the corners of a property that you do not leave fall in love with. She, an accomplice of all, lies down and curls up in the bed in front of me. I takes me a while to put my pajamas and cross the room to join her. Then, when I arrive, she sleeps peacefully, with a smile that defines why we do this and the dreams that we’re going to meet. We caress the hair and just move my fingers by his face. The cover up with the blanket and very quietly I go to put the jeans and shoes for a tour of the property, now of night, while everyone’s asleep. Do insomnia? No… it’s just this need to absorb as much as possible of the 99 years of greatness that I just enjoy waiting to sleep next to her with a smile like the one she has and with the that light up the night at The Broadmoor.